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This web site is designed to help you get a better understanding of the Tattoo industries. No matter if your trying to find a new Tattoo, research the industry or become a tattooist yourself you found the right spot.  I put this site together to help people find what they are looking for when it comes to ink and the site continues to grow everyday.  No matter what you’re looking for I hope to help you find it, any thing from becoming a tattoo artist to picking out your tattoo.

For People who want more information about Tattoos?

So many people love the world of Tattoos some don’t even have tattoos, others wish to have tattoos but are no sure where to go or even how to pick a good artist. That is where this site comes in, no matter if its your first tattoo or your hundredth tattoo this site will provide you with enough information and online designs to help make the right decision.

So many people can enjoy the art of tattoo, no matter if you have tattoos or not the designs and art that goes into them are fascinating. Where does it all start? Well one area is picking out a design and the other is picking the right tattooist/artist. Let me help you in the decision-making process by providing you with the right information. You can check out my How to sections that include information like How to care for your tattoo or Online Tattoo Care. I also have sections of this site where users can upload their tattoos or share their favorite artist and tattoo parlors. Feel free to share all your experiance and information. Check out all our Articles and our How to sections.

Want to learn how to be a Tattooist/Artist?

Not sure where to start. Simple start here. Again this site is dedicated in helping you find the information you need to start working in the career field you wish to work in. Not only will it give you guides,tips, directions and even books that will help you become an artist but it will also provide you with amazing deals on some of the tools of the trade. This page here will help you find a some tools of the trade to help you get started. Just Click Here for the tools
In this site you will find created pages, articles and links to other sites all dedicated to helping you become a professional tattoo artist. Remember the number one rule is do it right and legal.


Say Cheese and upload photos of you and your Tattoos here

Last modified on February 13, 2012

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