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Ladies Tattoo Clothes

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

I was checking out Amazon and saw a few of these shirts. I thought you ladies would likes some of the sayings on them.

Let me know if you want me to post more.

Why aren’t the Tattoo shows about the Ink any more

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Remember when the shows was more about the Ink and less about the drama. Any way I love this clip from Miami Ink.

A Hi-tone with Diverse style

Friday, January 14th, 2011

DSC_0486 (Medium)DSC_0469 (1) The road for Tony “Hi-Tone” Valenzuela hasn’t been an easy one but is has been a most diverse one. He was born in Covina, California to Andrea and Tony Valenzuela, Sr. He is a very respectable man who appreciates any opportunity or person who will help him reach his goals and achieve his dream. Many times during our encounter Hi-Tone never once hesitated to end each letter with “Thanks again for this opportunity”. This made working with him on this feature blog post that much more enjoyable. I like helping people who appreciate what you do for them and you can tell right from the beginning that Hi-Tone is that type of person.

His earliest memories are from his father very abusively keeping him out practicing baseball all day. Instead of a smile on his face with a warm, “That’s ok son”; Tony would get a harsh tone from his father. The whole time they would be out his father would spend the time drinking and criticizing Tony. This usually would cause tension between Tony’s mother and father as his mom would try to be the mediator telling his father “Tony has practiced enough”. Tony had a strong love for the game but this was overshadowed by his father’s excessive abuse and constant need to live vicariously through his son.

All this changed when Tony’s Mother decided enough was enough. His mother divorced his father in after years of marriage. Tony remembers his mother coming back to the house to pick up Tony and Mia to live in a new apartment. This was a turning point in Tony’s life. Tony remembers being outside when his father grabbed him by both his arms and said “You can either stay with me and I can teach you how to become a man or you can get in that car with your mother and never tell anyone who your dad is”. But this was the opportunity for Tony to live! Looking at his mother through the window, he hoped into the car and never looked back.
DSC_0370 copy (Medium)

This opportunity meant a new life for Tony; finally, he could be a kid. A new start with a new school and new friends, This was the first time Tony felt free and was able to do other things besides just baseball. Tony began to take up skateboarding and listen to the type of music he wanted to. He even picked up the game of baseball not because he had to but because this is something he wanted to do. Not having a father means you have to learn how to be one on your own. And not living under someone’s thumb can also bring responsibilities most young men should are not prepared to deal with. Tony had gotten kicked out of school, and was faced with many tough choices. Like most young men, the influences and experiences lead you to the road where the decisions you make can determine your future. Not every decision is the right one but at the time it might seem like it’s your only choice. Tony saw how his mom had struggled to put food on the table and take care of her family. Tony began to experiment with and deal drugs; dealing drugs was his way to help his mother, it provided an income for him to purchase his own shoes and clothing taking the burden off his mother’s shoulders.

Lucky for the tattoo and rap industry dealing drugs didn’t become his passion. Instead he gave up baseball and started writing poems, and his poems turned into raps. Something about putting pen to paper and getting it all out reached a depth in Tony’s soul that nothing else could. It led him to a place that gave him an outlook on life no other outlet has ever giving him before. So at 15 he decided to put that skill to use and recorded his first track, he was hooked! This was it – Tony put his nose to the grindstone and focused on the positive in his life. He began to work on his music and helped other artists by writing verses for them as well. Now everything Hi-Tone did, he threw himself into. From his clothes to his shoes, his personal style, his music and his art. His art comes together in many forms but for Tony his style and music led him right to his fist tattoo at 17.

The more Tattoos Tony got, the more he wanted the words “Everything I do or pick up, I have to be the best at.” Tony was very fortunate to have well known artists in the tattoo industry only a phone call away, as his closest friends and family are all in the business. “I strive very hard for my dreams and never give up.” Tattooing and music go hand and hand for Tony. “I get to be creative every day for the rest of my life.” “I still have lots to learn in both aspects [music and tattooing] but I will never give up until I’m the best” Tony just picked up the art of tattooing and has been into music for going on since he has been 13. Hi-Tone will be invading everyone’s homes on the air waves all across the globe so be on the lookout for him. His creativity, style and drive will get your attention before you can say “SUCCESS”

Tony also admits that his first Tattoo wasn’t the best choice. A word to the wise for anyone who runs out to get a tattoo with no thought process, it tends to come back to haunt you.

Tony: “I did get my 1st tattoo at 17 and it was tribal artwork that wrapped aroundmy back, sides, and stomach. I don’t regret getting the tattoo but I do wishI choose something else because I’m into completely different artwork now. Butbelieve it or not tribal was in back then. To be honest I got the idea from a movie called “Baby Boy”. It’s called being young and dumb and now I have to pay the consequences by lasing the tattoo, so I can get something different over it”

You can check out Hi-Tone at

How to be a pin up Model.

Monday, November 29th, 2010

I thought this might be a good read for any of the ladies out there who would like to be a Pin up Model or any of the photographers taken their Photos.

Ruthless and Amy

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Check it out straight from Bizarre Magazine Ruthless and Amy.

The Contest is almost over.

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

The contest closes for photo submissions at the end of October. The winner will be put on my personal custom Harley seat and put on the first t shirt with logo we have. Are you going to be the first winner? You can also submit you photos to or just come and vote for you favorite contestant here. . The upload page is here

Just in time for Halloween a Tattooed Frankenstien

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

When and it led me to a very interesting and awesome person. We had some things to work out but like any thing in life, good things happen when you wait. Now I have the pleasure of releasing this story around Halloween and, how fitting, her name is Dani Frankenstein. But if your going to build a Frankenstein you couldn’t build one more beautiful then Dani. Looking at her Facebook you can tell right away that she is defiantly a talented individual, much like Miss Martini, so I requested some information and she was happy to let me know about selfportrait2Dani. Dani and Cherry are not just friends that work together but also live together. And both are outstanding girls, take the time get to know them and you’ll say the same thing. gothica1

Dani lived in the Ghetto of Santiago de Chile, in a place so dangerous her uncle was stabbed to death right around the corner from his house, all because he wouldn’t give a guy a cigarette. Her dad knowing that he had to give his family a good life, he picked the family up and moved them to Australia. This was a culture shock to Dani, she was surprised her school had toilet paper and people didn’t resort to stealing it. Even though it now seemed that she was movingup to the good life her dad still managed to cheat on her mother, and beat up Dani. Dani’s dad even went as far as alienating her from her mother and brothers. Not letting that stop her she rose up to the challenge of creating a bond with her other family members despite the wall her dadwas trying to build between them. Now not only does Dani and her brothers have a bond that is stronger than ever, but her mother has left her father and is re-doing their lives.


Now you can find Dani spending her life as a student doing Design as well as Printing and Graphic Arts. She has also started her own plushies called Frankenbunees that she creates and designs herself. These are small cuddly plushies that look very cute yet sinister.
As well as these plushies she has her own hair accessories for pretty dames. Apart from her creations you can find Dani modelling as a pin-up model in her spare time.
And her next goal? To open her own line of T Shirts.You can find Dani and all her designs at

SnowMonster                                                 Frankenbunees

Steven : What made you want to get your first Tattoo?

Dani : When I was 8 years old, I saw my uncle get his first tattoo when he was 17. His friend had built a home made machine with a ballpoint pen body, sewing needles and a sewing machine peddle. I thought it was the coolest thing! And that was the moment I decided I wanted to be covered! It hasn’t quite happened yet…just give it time!

 photobypetercoulson                                                                    AtManifest

Steven: Do you think your up bringing had any influence on you getting tattoos, or any specific tattoos?

Dani: Most of my tattoos are anime characters. I was introduced to the world of Japanese animation at a very young age and its the one thing I will never get bored of! I think I’ll be one cool 80 year old grandma watching anime with my grankiddies. I bet they’ll love showing my ink off to their fellow anime geeks!

Steven: When working as a Pin up model, what is your favorite settings? or even photos?

Dani: I love vintage settings. Not just the typical 50s diner or mechanic shops but the Renaissance era too! The beautifully decorated walls, gold vintage frames, plush seats, corsets and big dresses! Think Marie Antoinette!

Steven: Amongst your tattoos what one tattoo stands out the most for you that you said, “I really want that tattoo”?

photobylarryvarley photobyattitudechickDani: I have two favourites at the moment my Sailor Moon with Tuxedo Mask from (you guessed it) Sailor Moon and my “SEXY” Doctor Frank Stein from Soul Eater. As aforementioned, I am a really big fan of anime and these are my favourite characters which I had to get tattooed on me! But my ink is

always a work in progress as I’m always watching something new and falling in love with new characters.

Steven: What does your family think about all your tattoos?

Dani: My mum was fine until the pastor of our church approached us and read us this verse Leviticus 19: 28 “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the Lord.” Although my beliefs prevent me from “tattooing” I at least am not committing adultery! Nor stealing nor Killing someone! So although mum no longer approves of my tattoos she knows she can’t do anything about it and is learning to live with them.

Photo Contest

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Would you like to represent ? Do you love showing off your Ink? Then here is your chance. You don’t have to be a model, you don’t have to have a professional Photo(although it might help).  The only stipulations are you have to be a female 18 and older and if it is a professional photo the photographer has to give permission to me in order for the photo to be used. No nudity please. Voting Page is here

How did this start, what gave me this Idea?  Well I was at a motorcycle poker run when I met two guys who can laser any photo into leather so I thought, I would like that but what should I get. Well what else but a good looking tattooed lady. So I decide hold this contest where will the winner be placed on my new custom seat for my Motorcycle with the words etched into! You will also will be featured on future T-shirts. Here is your chance to Represent If you would like to have my readers vote on your photos email your Photos to and put Tattoo Seat Contest as the Subject line. This is your chance to be featured on a custom motorcyle seat and a T Shirt. Spread the word, have your friends log on and vote.  The more ink the better, the more photos the better. Get your photos uploaded as soon as possible for better chances of more votes.  You are also allowed to incorporate any friends, bikes, cars in your photos. All photos must be in by the end of October or the begining of November depenting on how many contestants we have  and the winner will be announced in the middle of November. Are you going to be the first Lady? If you want to vote for your favorite go here

The winners only pirze is the chance to represent on a custome seat and T shirts. Also to be the first Lady of the month for

Have Faith in Evil

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Faith Evangeline of Evil Pawn Jewelry


Wow .. where to begin!  Faith Evangeline is a badass chick, sharp, smart, witty, full of personality, incredibly talented and simply gorgeous.  The tattoos that cover her body are just icing on the cake that is “Faith”.  She’s cornered the market in jewelry designs that speaks to women and moreso women that want to stand out and be noticed for the ladies that they are!!  She’s a testament to hard work, determination, creativity and searching your soul for what you believe, what you want to be and being proud of who you see in the mirror.  It was a privilege to talk to her!!


Hi Faith!  Thank you for taking some time to do an interview with me for  I’m personally a huge fan of your designs and love the fact that a beautiful young tattooed woman has made such a huge success of herself.  You clearly have a passion for your work and put your personality behind everything that you feature on your site.

Thank you! You RAWKKKKKK Girl!

First let’s start with you, Faith.  You have gorgeous photos of yourself featured on your website and on Facebook.  Did you start out in the world of modeling?  Do you continue to work in front of the camera or is it a hobby for you?

I started out in this world as a little riot girl! Never thought I could model. My passions as a child were music and jewelry. If I am in front of the camera it’s all for the jewelry nothing more. I leave that up to the pro’s. The girls that model my jewelry are amazing!

You have spent lifetimes under the needle and your artwork is incredible!  Do you have a specific artist that you work with the most?  Or do you prefer to collect from several?

I pretty much stick to one artist. Well I have since 1999 haha. I go to Whispering Danny of Whispering Danny’s Exile in Kansas City. He is an amazing tattoo artist and kinda talked me out of stupid tats I would no longer like now. When I was younger and started getting tattooed, I would have an idea for something and he would make sure it was something I would love forever and was more me. That is a good tattoo artist. I appreciate that so much! I still cannot thank him enough! LOL!

Do you have plans for any future work?

A TON! I have wanted a side pieces for 9 years! I have a plan for most every open spot left! Just gotta get the time to start it. Someday soon I hope.

Do you have one person that you’d drop everything to be tattooed by if they had an opening tomorrow?

MY TAT ARTIST! He has a waiting list. My schedule is hectic these days so getting anything new is impossible! If I could just call whenever and get a next day spot, I’d be there with bells!

Let’s talk about your jewelry designs.  Evil Pawn Jewelry.  When did you start creating jewelry and what got you into it?  Tell me about your company and what it means to you.

I started creating jewelry very young, but didn’t get into it hardcore until I was 20. My Grandparents are jewelers so I consider it hereditary. I worked as a bench jeweler for years. I was so convinced that the glory days of jewelry were over.  Turquoise was considered old school and the main jobs in jewelry were engagement rings and diamonds.

As a bench jeweler you see the same thing in and out everyday; the same diamond settings, size, set, polish, plate and again. It’s like you are a machine. There is no more art. The only thing you love is that you are not sitting in a corporate museum behind a desk. Then one day I realized ‘Oh yes I am’. The mindless hours of clocking in and out consumed my brain and talked me into this false hope for creation.

There was once a time when you needed shoes you would go to a shoe maker. If you needed a dress you went to a seamstress. People made a living at trades and specialized in their craft from experience and caring for their customers. Now we go to Wal-Mart. Now we go to Target. Now our money pays for corporate whores to get rich while their employees starve. They buy large machines to take the jobs of 40 to a thousand humans. They take your dollar and rob your neighbor with it. We are now reaping what we have sewn with thread the man gave us.

Evil Pawn Jewelry means a lot to me as far as using my life experiences to create adornments for humans to cherish. It means I use thoughts in my mind that inspire me to design. It also means handmade, old world, before the machines & corporate owned politicians broke America, when humans working their craft, selling their work, and being proud of each day were the kings. You no longer look at the clock awaiting 5pm in misery. You own the clock.

We must take back what is ours. Viva la Revolution!

Do you remember your first piece and the reaction you got?

Yes, the first piece of jewelry I ever made was the art of an album cover by a band called ‘Today is the Day’. The album was called ‘In the Eye’s of God’.  I was extremely inspired by that album and its lyrical content spoke over and over in my life at the time.

I made a few of them and sold them all. The reaction was good in my group of friends and associates because I knew a ton of people into metal and Goth. But the world… via eBay, took it the completely wrong way.  The world can have its way of jading you, shaping you, and sometimes making you want to hide.  All the things I created were considered ‘dark’ for those who didn’t understand. If I would have put them away in a drawer then these things would have just stayed in the dark in a box. Just like the people saying its dark and living in their own box.

It is time to inspire and lift others up. Question what you do not understand.  Your understanding of new things is your own enlightenment and the ‘becoming’ of someone else’s.

Does someone or something in particular give you inspiration .. whether on a personal level, in business or in your designs?

My life experiences give me inspiration. The people, places, and things I have lived through give me a design in my mind. My goal is to purge bad experiences and make them good. To turn negative into positive energy and to help fuel others to do the same.

There are so many pieces in my line that have stemmed from experience that left me feeling alone, sad, jaded, forsaken, etc. Discussing them and transforming them into positive thoughts and then designing a tangible adornment to remember the experience in a good way.

Example:  The Caroline Necklace is thoughts of a family member of mine who passed. She died of an eating disorder. Nothing makes me sadder to think a human beings divine perfection and light is dimmed by pop culture’s hungry forces that consume us all.

This necklace has two womens faces that rest on your collar bones. One is the girl you are, the one that is ok with you and loves you. The other is the girl you want to be on TV or in the Magazine. They represent God and the Devil and the days you are happy and gloriously showered in light and then have all this great energy so quickly taken away as you are slapped in the face when you see the images of a magazine or a movie premiere. You are not good enough, not thin enough, not pale enough, not tan enough, tall enough, just not enough.

The Caroline Necklace is bold, shiny, and is charged with your personal power. The days I feel like I am not enough, I wear it proud. It is my personal amulet against pop culture images of impossible standards.

Negative has become positive. No one can keep you down as long as you keep batting their evil out of the field. Become the person you want to be with good energy and good thoughts. I believe you can do anything.

(Author’s note .. My personal favorite!)

I would say that your personal flair shows through in your designs and they are all so different and eye catching.  Do you have any pieces that you feel best defines Faith?

I have a wicked piece on the back burner called ‘Faith’s Tiara’ and it is all me! When it is done I will sleep in it! LOL!

The piece that most defines me as all women I would say is the signature logo, The Cameo Skull. Whether it be a ring or a necklace, it is the copyrighted hand carved mother of pearl piece that started all this and drives it today;

Examples of ‘The duality of women’

  • You are a bitch if you don’t and a slut if you do.
  • You can’t have a drink or go out if you are a mother
  • Pretty power- tanner, blonder, thinner
  • Be a lady
  • Cook-clean-vacuum-iron-fold-take care of kids-
  • Girls can’t play instruments unless it’s a flute-Show us your tits

Really? When the hell is all this crap gonna end? Women are smart, we have minds, feelings, dreams, and we are human. The ‘Powers’ turning the word ‘feminist’ into a bad word and making us question ourselves, sister turning against sister over petty/catty/nothingness, rapist, domestic violence, and we can’t even get a women in the white house. It keeps going to ‘are you on your period?’ or my favorite ‘Women have weak minds’ wow. Do not mistake my compassion, kindness, and willingness to love for a ‘weak mind’ or a hormonal crisis.

The cameo Skull is my ode to how pretty my inside can be and how pissed I am at all the things I left alone when I was young because I was tired of hearing  sexist comments. I won’t miss anything ever again.

(Author’s note .. My personal second favorite!)

Do you think that your personal style and your tattoo work is a reflection of your jewelry .. or is perhaps your designs are reflected in your tattoo work?

My largest piece of art work was complete 10 years ago, so I consider it apart of my becoming the person I am. I have a thing for castles and old architecture so my tattoo on my back is something that is a reflection of me. I have designed a bracelet in my youth after a castle and then I have the Cameo Skull tattooed on my forearm long after the design was a force. So it goes hand in hand. I decorate myself in adornments whether it is ink or jewelry. It doesn’t matter because I wear my true self on the outside for display.

Do you have any new jewelry plans in the works that you want to share?

I have been working on this ring for awhile, it is the shape of a memory that I go to often. It is an onyx ring called ‘the pond ring’ and it is special in 2 ways. My Grandma always wore a large onyx ring in her youth and she loved this ring when I showed her the design. She said, ‘that one! It reminds me of my old one I had when I was a young!’

My Grandmother Veda passed away last Tuesday and all I have seen is black; Pain or onyx, not sure but black. The stone onyx absorbs negative and takes away anything you want to give it, so I give it all my pain and when I look at this new creation from my line, I will see my memory of that Pond that tricked us into believing it had secrets and I will also think of my Grandma Veda who adored herself in onyx. It also helps me remember, just like the pond from my youth taught me, ‘because it is dark does not mean it is bad.’

What’s next for Faith, the woman?  And Faith, the business woman?

For personal I hope to expand my capacity for inspiring and helping others become who they truly are. I am a helper by nature. I cannot live without giving.

For business I want to expand the line to so many different areas!  For Fall 2010

I am expanding Evil Pawn Jewelry’s engagement line. Different types of rings that are far from cookie cutter and do not require you to finance them! A ring you wear everyday shouldn’t remind you of how much it cost or how it is ‘the biggest or the best’ of all your friends. It should be about what you like and what you cherish. It should reflect you, the real you, not what the diamond store says you should have.  Instead of diamonds how about an amethyst or a black crystal, a butterfly shape, rings of skulls, spiders, or fairies. Something different and unique just like you!

What is one important thing on your “Bucket List” .. regardless of how off the wall it might be!?!

Not really what I want to do but what I want to see…

  • I want to see equal rights in my lifetime.
  • Women who can run for President without hearing a sexist comment
  • Poor people given the right to free health care
  • I want to finally see black women in the media being portrayed as human and not a stereotype or a booty shaking sex object.
  • Gay and Lesbian equal rights; from marriage, to adoption, and everything else they are denied.
  • Hispanics the right to cross any invisible line they want and a government that won’t blame them and their desire for a better life for the problems of this country.
  • Politicians in office who are not fueled by large corporate company money and hidden agendas.
  • I want to see a world where judgment of a human by their skin color, tattoos, hair, sex, or who they choose to love is no longer so.

Fear is fueling us all now. The fear of what we do not know or understand. Fear has become hate, greed, pain. Fear has become what fills the hole in our souls. We fill it with assumptions, gossip, and costumes. We hide from the truth of what we all are and were meant to be. Fear has given control to false powers and even empires that build rock solid lies that shape our lives. Fear is taking over all of us. NOT FEARING FEAR should be what inspires us.

And just because I’m personally curious … you clearly love music, who are the most played bands on you MP3?

Dear God I have always loved Metal. HAHA. From old school Pantera, Nile, Today is the Day, Neurosis, Gojira, Napalm Death, My Ruin, and I go into the classic rock and Girl Riot scene with vengeance!  LOL!

This is where you plug away .. share with me all the links to your websites!!  You can also share the names and links to anyone that you want to spread the word about.  (Influences, tattoo artists, stores that sell your items, etc.)

Evil Pawn Jewelry official website

Evil Pawn Jewelry & Faith Evangeline on Facebook

My Space


Whispering Danny’s Exile

Revue Salon and Spa

Eyeworks Photography

AlphaBase Inc.

Now this is a bargain for Tattoo Artist

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

I was shopping around to see what I should put in the store next and I found this interesting bargain for anyone who is an tattoo artist. It is a 6 Guns Tattoo Kit Tattoo Machine Complete w/ LCD Power Supply Needles Ink Grip Tube Case. Check it out for those of you who look to get more from your money. And the price is reduced as well.