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Growing Trend in Tattoos

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Tattoo Trends

From the 80’s cartoons the 90’s Tribal and 2000 Stars tattoo trends are always popping up. There was such classics as the ever loved tramp stamp to the butterfly to the tramp stamp of a butterfly. No matter what time of era there has always been some trend adopted by generational tattoo lovers. The question ask is this wrong to follow a trend or does it mark a time stamp in your life. In this posting I want to cover not only tattoo trends but also reasons why people should or shouldn’t get a tattoo and what trends tattoos are heading in now.

Trends Good or Bad

This is one of the subject I can’t decide on. I am on the fence, although some people only get one tattoo in their life other tend to get more. Usually the first tattoo is either a trend or something picked out from a book. Like anything trends have their ups and downs and for me there is always ways to make a Trend something better than what it is. I guess what I am really saying is if your going to follow a trend make it your own. Take for instance when everyone in the 90’s was getting the tribal bands around their Arms I thought it looked pretty cool, but who wants to get the same thing everyone else has. So when my daughter was born I had her name tattooed around my arm. Now I have some thing that is mine but I still sort of followed the trend. The other example is Stars, a lot of people are getting stars tattooed on them but instead of just a plain star I have seen some real cool designs. So they are making the Tattoo their own and no one else’s.

Trends for today Tattoo

So TV introduced this thing called reality TV and out of that came three Tattoo related shows Miami Ink, LA Ink and NY Ink. So watching them you see more and more people getting themed based tattoos, but what I have witnessed and not just on the shows is the type. Memorial tattoos seem to be high up on the charts. Whether it’s for a pet, person or a trialing time in one’s life people are marking it with ink. For that I say good, because you’re not just getting a stamp from some book that has no value to you live. Most Tattoos should have at least a little meaning to you even if it’s just simply because you think it rocks.

Other trends seem to be lettering. Whether it’s a name or a famous saying more and more people are getting lettering on their bodies. I can’t say why but again I agree with this. Why because although it might be a trend no ones is the same. Different letters and different sayings all make it unique to that person. With that reasoning this is why I have a hard time taking a side on if a trend is good or bad. My thoughts are as long as your making it your own and you like it, who cares what others might think.


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Online Tattoo Design for your next inkspiration.

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Picking out your Next Tattoo Design

There are several places on line you can go and get Tattoo Designs. Some like The Worlds Biggest Tattoo Store offers a variety of Tattoo designs to look at and other such as Tattoo Shading The Black & Grey Wash Style Guide simply teach you about the techniques of shading a black and grey tattoo.

Why shop online for a tattoo design

With today’s market there really is no reason to go to a tattoo parlor and flip through a cookie cutter style book with no originality in it. So you get a tattoo and days later find five other people sharing the same ink you thought would be one of a kind. Don’t get me wrong you can use the books to get an Idea about what you like but if you know your style and you know the design you might want ask the Tattoo artist to come up with something, have your friends or yourself draw up a concept or just go to a place online like NEW!!!Tattoo Designs U.s – Unique Content to get something you really want and like.

There is no reason to run around town looking for a good artist when you can sit at home and come up with a design, however it is highly recommended to find a great Tattooist working at a shop that is up to all of your State codes. This can prevent you from getting something that looks totally different then what you wanted and then finding out late that the guy didn’t use a new needle on you. With a fly by night tattoo in my basement guy you could end up getting more then just a tattoo. I always recommend going with a well knowing Trusted Tattooist that takes their time to get you what you want well keeping your safety in mind at all times.

Here is a some more online Tattoo design companies you might want to check out.

Tattoo Design Package

Infinite Tattoos (Popular)

Tattoo My Brain

Tattoo Chopper

LA Ink Tattoo Designs

Miami Ink Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Me now (Popular)

I hope you find this interesting and Helpful. If you need any more Ideas or would like to ask me any questions please feel free to contact me using the contact page on my blog.

Also check out some of these books for ideas for your next Tattoo Design.


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Caring For your New Tattoo

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Taking Care of your Tattoo

One thing that is ask constantly is how to take care of your new Tattoo. This is a question that is often ask and usually has many different answers depending on who you ask. One thing is for sure is that you should listen to your Tattooist every time.

One thig to remember is always use a non Petroleum after care product for your Tattoo. Keep it out of the sun and make sure it heals correctly. A good way to achieve this is by using Tattoo Goo after care product. The Original Tattoo Goo Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit 1 kit Is a complete line up of after care products that can help you keep your Tattoo looking good.

Care for your Tattoo even after it has healed

And if you already have a Tattoo and want to keep the colors looking healthy and vibrant make sure to put some kind of sun block on it before going out in the sun. Tattoo Goo makes a great product for this

More Information on caring for your tattoo and tattoo care products visit my Tattoo Care page

Please remember also to talk to your tattooist about his methods for caring for a tattoo. This is important both before getting your ink and after. When you ask question before getting the tattoo you find out how much knowledge the tattooist has.  You can find all the products mentioned in this artict at my Amazon tattoo store

Tattoo Magazine Subscriptions and what I found

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Finding a good Tattoo magazine for cheap

I did some research to see how much cheaper it is to buy a Tattoo Magazine subscription rather then buying one at a time. I found several magazines and checked into it. and This is what I found.

Any way what I found was that yes tattoo magazines are cheaper if you buy the subscriptions but with a little searching the Subscriptions can also come down on price. Just take tattoo magazine for instance If you buy from Amazon what normally cost 73.00 a subscription is now 34.00 coming close to only 3.00 a magazine for 12 months.

Tattoo Magazines from Japan!

I also wanted to share the tattoo magazine with you Its something new to me, I don’t read Japanese but I love their work.

Find other products from tattoo magazines to pin up girl outfits.

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‘Hangover: Part 2′ Sued for Copyright Infringement

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011
Mike Tyson’s Tattoo Artist Sues to Block ‘The Hangover 2′Click here for the funniest movie of the week

Really what has the world come down to? Whats your thoughts and/or Comments?

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Tattoo Goo. Take care of your Tattoo the right way.

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

So I was looking on-line through my store and I thought I would show you this. Every-time I talk to Artist or even check on site for a good product for tattoo care this comes up again and again. My thoughts on that was why not put it out front so everyone can enjoy it.

Make sure your Tattoo heals the way it should, don’t take chances on your investment. Remember a Tattoo is like an open sore you have to take care of it or it might lead to scaring or loss of color why take the chances. There are also other products I will share in the future.

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Why you shouldn’t Tattoo Evidence on yourself.

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

This story has been around and I thought I would get people thoughts on it. Gang member Anthony Garcia (AKA Chopper) was convicted of a killing 23-year-old John Juraz over seven years ago. How did he get caught is the part that makes me wonder.

Garcia is a member of the Rivera-13 gang which he proudly wears on his chest. What Garcia also wears is the murder of John Juares who was shot outside of a liquor store. Anthony Garcia has a tattoo of a liquor store with a peanut shaped bodied man being killed by a helicopter.

Kevin Loyed a homicide investigator was flipping through some gang members photos when he discovered the Tattoo. He remember working on this case when he was a police sergeant assigned to Pico Rivera, Los Angeles. The very place that the liquor store was located.  You can see the complete story here.

What Anthony Garcia’s Arrest led to.

So Anthony Garcia is in trouble again but this time he is making it a family affair. Last year Anthony (25) Alon with his brother (John)  and another Rivera 13 Gang member Manuel Bermudez, planned to smuggle drugs into the county jail to sell.

Bermudez (32) hid the drugs in his rectum when he showed up for court in a unrelated drug charge.

John Garcia help Bermudez put the drugs in ball-sized balloons into his rectum. The balloons contained heron and methamphetamine. Detectives was tipped off about the drugs and pulled Bermudez to the hospital concerned they might leak in the make shift containers.

Each was charged with two counts of possession and sale for a controlled substance, along with Vivian Garcia (46) and Bermudez 29-year-0ld girlfriend Cynthia Bermudez. You can read the rest of the story here.

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Getting ready for photo shoots.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Hey everyone not sure if you know but I am working on getting some Inkspirationalwords muchandise out on the street. So I have been meeting with people and I will tell you this, I am excited. Let me tell you about the couple I met with yesterday.

I met up with Matt and Jessica Black yesterday. Man was so excited after meeting with them. I will be doing a photo shoot with both in Hell Michigan and using it for my site and other interesting stuff. They are both really cool people and I am so Excited to work with them. The energy they both give off is outstanding and their look is one that just has to be captured. Both Matt and Jessica are going to be fun to work with and I look forward to sharing the finished product with everyone.

More Celebrity and Tattoo News

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Twitter and Miley together again

I have to say the new photo that Miley reviled on twitter is really nice. It is a dream catcher and the full coverage and photos can be found here at Social Life Take a look discuss among friend but please remember she is an adult now and it is her body, you can only hold on to the Disney persona for so long!!


Nicolas Caged all because he wanted a Tattoo.

Nicolas Cage’s big moment with the New Orleans, Louisiana police could have been the result of the tattoo he decided to get in the spur of the moment according to The Toronto Sun.

When Cage sat down to get the Tattoo his wife entered the parlour and the two began to argue.


In other Celebrity Tattoo news I found this funny its a spoof but what if it was true,


Shakira found out why you should always check what is getting put on your body. The Full story can be found Here. Funny how one would fail to look at what is being put on your body. A mistake like this is on you for life. And why Shakira wouldn’t think of doing a cover up instead of laser surgery is beyond me.


Glee Star Lea Michele (Rachel Berry ) has 10 Tattoos. Whats your Thoughts

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

According to Digital Spay Celebrity-news Lea Michele from Glee has 10 Tattoos, and from what she tells Marie Claire she plans on getting more. It seems today Tattoos are getting more and more popular among stars.

I don’t mind people getting Tattoos but I hope this don’t start a trend among teens. I can see it now millions of kids beg their mom to get the same tattoo design that their favorite TV, Film or Music star has. Leaving hundreds of unoriginal Tattoos and regrets.

This brings me to another topic, any parent willing to do this for their underage child is an idiot. Last week well on a plain there was three 14-16 year old kids sitting across from me. They all had Tattoos that looked like something you would get from a prison yard. As a parent my child will not get a tattoo until they are old enough to walk in and get one themselves with no adult sanctions from me. The only exception would be a memorial tattoo in honor of someone close.

Any way back to my original post. What do you think? Do you see this trend pushing its way into the homes as something young uneducated children will be adopting just to keep up with their latest fad super stars? And if so how many parents do you think will allow it?