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Fonts for your Tattoo

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

 Find the Fonts you are looking for

If your going to get lettering done make sure you know what fonts style you want there are several styles and some look betters than others. Depending on the size, word and placement you can really get some good lettering done. Other things you can do is visit a good artist and tell him you ideas and see what they come up with. Most tattoo artist are pretty good with lettering. Here are a few places you can purchase and do research on lettering.

If the book don’t work and you are not sure about going to an actual Tattoo Shop to find an artist you can always go online. Remember what ever you do your going to pay a little for the design but at least your going to get what you want. Don’t let anyone ever force you into something that you don’t want. Here are a few of the sites you can look at for Tattoo design.

That is just a few of the online shops you can find. If you still have questions you can email me at and I would be happy to help. Remember to find a legal tattoo artist in your area to give you your tattoo as this is an investment and you get what you pay for.

Interesting but not well thought out Tattoo Idea

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Tattoo Ideas

So I was browsing videos the other day to get some new ideas for a write up. It wasn’t very long before I found a couple of videos. Not sure how people feel about this but I can tell you my opinion.

Tattoos and Technology

The first is not so bad I just think that it wasn’t thought out. With the way technology changes to have a tattoo based off an app and scanner linked to a web page is really kind of silly. But hey its your body do what you want. I admit it’s a cool concept and it might sound great at the time but again. technology changes so much that who knows how long this site, link or video will be up. So now you are stuck with a tattoo on your chest with a code that non of the new scanners can read. If they even use scanners in the future.  I am not trying to discourage anyone from getting a tattoo or trying new ideas for body modifications i am just asking that they be thought out. It is something I have preached time and time again. But like everything this is your choice.

The Good Old Eyeball

One of my other complaints and this one seems to be worse than the other is eyeball Tattoo.  Now this is not a new concept but why people this is a poor choice, with today have colored contacts that can change your whole eye color why would you do this to yourself. Something less permanent would be more ideal. All I ask is that you stop and think about what your doing to yourself. Grant it I am not saying every tattoo has to have a meaning all I am saying is this is permanent. Think about years down the line if this choice is still going to be a wise one. For an Eyeball tattoo or a newly developed technology tattoo idea I don’t’ think it is.

Please comment or send me your thoughts and as always if you would like to be featured on this site please feel free to let me know.

Growing Trend in Tattoos

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Tattoo Trends

From the 80’s cartoons the 90’s Tribal and 2000 Stars tattoo trends are always popping up. There was such classics as the ever loved tramp stamp to the butterfly to the tramp stamp of a butterfly. No matter what time of era there has always been some trend adopted by generational tattoo lovers. The question ask is this wrong to follow a trend or does it mark a time stamp in your life. In this posting I want to cover not only tattoo trends but also reasons why people should or shouldn’t get a tattoo and what trends tattoos are heading in now.

Trends Good or Bad

This is one of the subject I can’t decide on. I am on the fence, although some people only get one tattoo in their life other tend to get more. Usually the first tattoo is either a trend or something picked out from a book. Like anything trends have their ups and downs and for me there is always ways to make a Trend something better than what it is. I guess what I am really saying is if your going to follow a trend make it your own. Take for instance when everyone in the 90’s was getting the tribal bands around their Arms I thought it looked pretty cool, but who wants to get the same thing everyone else has. So when my daughter was born I had her name tattooed around my arm. Now I have some thing that is mine but I still sort of followed the trend. The other example is Stars, a lot of people are getting stars tattooed on them but instead of just a plain star I have seen some real cool designs. So they are making the Tattoo their own and no one else’s.

Trends for today Tattoo

So TV introduced this thing called reality TV and out of that came three Tattoo related shows Miami Ink, LA Ink and NY Ink. So watching them you see more and more people getting themed based tattoos, but what I have witnessed and not just on the shows is the type. Memorial tattoos seem to be high up on the charts. Whether it’s for a pet, person or a trialing time in one’s life people are marking it with ink. For that I say good, because you’re not just getting a stamp from some book that has no value to you live. Most Tattoos should have at least a little meaning to you even if it’s just simply because you think it rocks.

Other trends seem to be lettering. Whether it’s a name or a famous saying more and more people are getting lettering on their bodies. I can’t say why but again I agree with this. Why because although it might be a trend no ones is the same. Different letters and different sayings all make it unique to that person. With that reasoning this is why I have a hard time taking a side on if a trend is good or bad. My thoughts are as long as your making it your own and you like it, who cares what others might think.


If you have thoughts on this or want to share your photos please send me an email to or



First Response Tattoos

Monday, February 27th, 2012

My Tattoo is better than a bracelet.

People have been getting tattoos for years. Now people are starting to get them to save their own life.  People are now getting Tattoos to warn first responders about certain medical conditions that they might have such as an allergic reaction to medicine. Or if they have medical conditions that could prevent certain tools from being used on the person in need of medical help.

“Bracelets are nice, but something as strong as a tattoo … that is a strong statement,” said Dr. Ed Friedlander, a Kansas City pathologist who has “No CPR” tattooed in the center of his chest, where a paramedic would see it.

Some people like DR Ed Friedlanders of Kansas City are even getting the tattoo to let people know not to resuscitate if he is in need of CPR. That is a bold statement put right on the chest of the person wearing the Tattoo. How you going to miss that?

Melissa Boyer of Nashville, MI went through several bracelets before deciding to get her tattoo. She is 31-years-old and finally decided to get a 3 1/2- inch tattoo placed on her left forearm that has the medical symbol right on it. It identifies her as a type 1 diabetic. It also list her allergies to certain meds.

“It’s been 29 years that I’ve had (diabetes), and I went through I-don’t-know-how-many bracelets,” she said. “I went and got the tattoo, and it made life easier.”

I think the reason they are becoming so much more popular is because it gives you something you don’t have to worry about. On less thing to think of in the morning or loose and try to find. You now have the freedom to get up in the morning and not have to put this alert bracelet on.

One Dr. Aldasouqi wishes to make the Tattoos more uniformed or standard in places that are recognizable so first responders can see the tattoo right away.

“My intention has been to bring this issue to the surface so that medical organizations can have a say in that,” he said. “When you just Google it, you’re going to find hundreds of stories and discussions, but no medical say. So I feel we leave our patients kind of afloat.”

“My perspective is that we as physicians need to be involved in this,” he added.

Now they are not saying that people should be forced into getting one he is just adding that if your going to for medical reasons to make it standard across the board so people know where to look.

Not sure about you but it sounds pretty useful to me.


Tattoo Parties Good Idea or Bad

Monday, February 13th, 2012

What are Tattoo Parties

Some people might not know what a Tattoo Party is. Usually it consists of a non-licensed tattoo artist who comes to some one’s house and gives tattoos at a cheap price. It usually begins with someone who knows an artist who works out of his house and has not been licensed by the state to give a tattoo. Then they talk to a bunch of friends and they all decide to have the artist come into their home and tattoo them all.

Pros of a Tattoo Party

Well the pros are obvious, you get a tattoo at a cheap price. Instead of saving money for months to get a tattoo, you simply tell the artist what you want and a few bucks later you set. Not only will you get your tattoo for a low price, you didn’t even have to got out for the night and sit in a state approved tattoo parlor to get your tattoo. Wow, what a short list!

Cons’ of a Tattoo Party

The cons of a tattoo party, you have a party that an unlicensed “tattoo artist” comes into your home and gives you a tattoo in a non regulated house. The reason most tattoo artists and parlors have to be regulated or licensed by the state is for health reasons. This is important if you care about the results of your tattoo.

  • Ask this question: Why is this tattoo so cheap? Well most regulated tattoo artist make sure to sanitize everything before giving you a tattoo, as well as using a new needle.  Afterwards they usually wrap that tattoo and make sure you know how to take care of your new investment. You run a big risk by getting a tattoo by someone who is worried about taking your cash and not your health. Ask to see the persons equipment and if they are going to use new needles every time. Ask as many questions as you can.
  • Ask your self another question why isn’t this person working for a tattoo parlor or licensed by the state. Take a look at the persons art work. Most work at home tattoo artist work is horrible. I am not saying all, but most. Ask the artist in question to see some of their art work. Give them an idea of what you want and ask them to draw it up. Once it’s drawn, compare this art work to others, and be honest with yourself. Don’t lie to yourself just to save some cash.
  • Now find out if this artist has done any other “Tattoo Parties” and try and look at some of the work that has been done during that party. See how many people had gotten infections, or faded tattoos, and, above all, are truly happy with the work done.

In general does not condone, support , agree or recommend a tattoo party or a non licensed tattooist. Please be careful with what your doing when selecting a tattoo. Check out my article about picking the right tattoo by Clicking here, picking an online tattoo by clicking here. But please do not have a tattoo party, if you insist on doing this then go to a tattoo parlor and talk with a real tattoo artist about maybe having it at the parlor, this could save your skin, tattoo, and, above all, your from getting sick.

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Tattoo Machines for getting started in the Tattoo Trade

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Getting Started

So I figured the first thing someone trying to get into the Tattoo Industry is to get your Tattoo machine. So I figured I would put this page together for to help people find the first tattoo Machine. Check them out and get yourself started with your carrer.

2 handgefertigte Damaskus Tattoo Waffen-Kit mit LCD-Stromversorgung und 46 farbige Tinte

2 handgefertigte Damaskus Tattoo Waffen-Kit mit LCD-Stromversorgung und 46 farbige Tinte

Höhepunkt das Tattoo-Maschine ist handgefertigt aus Damaszener Stahl, die einzigartig in Aussehen ist. sie sind mit einem sehr ausgewogenen Rahmen für eine dauerhafte und zuverlässige Leistung gebaut. diese professionell einstellbar Tattoo-Maschinen können zur Beschattung oder Verkleidung abgestimmt werden. dieses Tattoo-Set verfügt über eine neue und verbesserte LCD-Stromversorgung. Flüssigkristall-Display bietet einen klaren lesen und ist sehr leistungsstark. besser konsequent und stabil, wenn Tattoos Das Kit wird mit 46 Aufnahmen von Tinte, die fast deckt alle Farbe und können Ihre Anforderungen in den verschiedenen Anlässen treffen sich zum Futter und Schattierung. dieses Tattoo-Set verfügt über einen sicheren kompakte Tragetasche alles was Sie brauchen, um auf ein Tattoo machen Fahrt, einschließlich der Praxis Skins, sterile Nadeln aus Edelstahl, Griffe, Spitzen, Einweg-Handschuhe, Reinigung von Werkzeugen und so weiter beginnen konnte. Wenn Sie ein professioneller Künstler sind, können dieses Kit nur Ihren Anforderungen und das Niveau Ihrer Erfahrung und Technik. Was ist in Ihrem Tattoo-Sets Waffen 2 x handmade Damaskus Tattoo Maschine Liner und Shader mit 10-wrap-Spulen Start-Spannung: 4V Betriebsspannung :6-9v Stromversorgung 1 x hochwertige LCD-Stromversorgung Eingangsspannung: 110V-240V Ausgangsspannung: 1.2V-14.8V 1 x Fußschalter 1 x Clip Cord Tragetasche 1 x Top-Qualität Alukoffer mit Schloss und Schlüssel Größe: 312 242 113 (mm) Tattoofarbe 46x5ml Farben: rosa, Pfirsich, soft orange, leuchtend orange, tangering, hart orange, dunkelrot, dunkle Schokolade, mario ist blau, kooland, fuschia, dunkles Violett, mario ist hellblau, true magenta, Magenta hell, Hautton, goldgelb, bananer chean, Schnee weiß opak, Zitronengelb, Sonnenbrand, Lutscher, Fleisch, Cherry Bomb, leuchtend rot, Carol Rosa, coco, hellbraun, mittelbraun, Bambus, teal, nahama blau, rot, blau, weiß, schwarz, peuple, Himmel, Jäger grün, hellgrün, lindgrün, blau, wahr schwarz, hell lila, Traube, dunkelgrün im Regal: 3 Jahre Tattoo Nadeln 50 x pre-Paket sterile Tattoo Nadeln 10 x Tätowiernadel RL 3 10 x Tätowiernadel RL 5 10 x Tätowiernadel RL 7 10 x Tätowiernadel M1 5 10 x Tätowiernadel M1 7 Tipps 8 x sterile rostfreiem 304 Stahl Tipps in 10 differernt Größen Größe: 3r 5r 7r 9r 5f 7f 9f 11f 20 x Einweg-Kunststoff-Spitze Griffe 4 x hochwertigem Edelstahl Griffe 2 x passende Einweg-Griffe andere 1 x weiße LED Maschinenleuchte 1 x Edelstahl-Tinte stand 100 x mittlerer Größe Farbtöpfe 100 x großformatige Farbtöpfe 2 x Praxis Haut 100 xpremium schwarz Ösen 100 x Gummi-O-Ringe 100 x Gummibänder 1 x Reinigungsbürste Set (5 Stück) 1 x anpassen Werkzeuge gesetzt 10 x schwarze Handschuhe disposale 2 x Anti-Narben-Salbe 10 x volle Blatt Transferpapier 1 x Unterricht diy Demo-Disc 2 x Kopierer FCC und CE Sicherheitsnachweis 1 x Fabrik Werk-Prüfbericht

55 Bottles of Tattoo Ink / 15 15mL and 40 5mL 55 Bottles of Tattoo Ink / 15 15mL and 40 5mL

Product Features: New and high quality.Safe and easy to use, long duration.Low consumption, bright color.Favored among professional tattoo artists.The set of color combinations can meet your needs in different occasion for lining and shading.Color: 15 color inksinclude: black, white, blue, sky blue, green, forest green, brown, shallow coffee, dark red, tomato is red, bubble gum pink, deep yellow, orange, violent violet, lavender.40 color tattoo inks include:rose pink, peach, soft orange, bright orange, tangering, hard orange, dark red, dark chocolate, mario’s blue, kooland, fuschia, dark purple, mario’s light blue, true magenta, light magenta, skin tone, golden yellow, bananer chean, snow white opaque, lemon yellow, sunburn, lollipop, flesh, cherry bomb, bright red, carol’s pink, coco, light brown, medium brown, bamboo, teal, nahama blue, hunter green, light green, lime green, silver, true black, light purple, grape, dark green.Capacity: 15 x 15mL tattoo ink 40 x 5mL tattoo ink

Dual Output Digital LCD Tattoo Power Supply Dual Output Digital LCD Tattoo Power Supply

High Quality amp; ReliableReady for your liner amp; shaderPower Supply: 1x high quality power supply – 4x different power cords amp; plugsVoltage: 110V/230V adjustable based on your country’s voltage requirementsNote: If your country requires a voltage not listed here, you will need to connect a separate adapter(not included) before operating the tattoo machine ​

2 Guns Tattoo Kit With LCD Power Supply and 40 Color Ink

2 Guns Tattoo Kit With LCD Power Supply and 40 Color Ink

HighlightThis tattoo kit features two machines of special design with 10 wrap coils to function with low vibration. They are constructed with well-balanced frame for durable and dependable performance. These professionally adjustable tattoo machines may be tuned for shading or lining.This kit includes a new and improved LCD power supply. Liquid crystal display gives a clear reading and is very highly efficient. Better consistent and stable when tattooing.The kit comes with 40 shots of ink which covers almost all the color and can meet your requirements in different occasions for lining and shading. What’s in your tattoo kits Guns 2 x professional tattoo machines with alloy frame for lining and shading(10 warp coils) power supply1 x great LCD power supply(work under 110/240V,output15V DC max);1 x Foot switch1 x Clip cord Carrying Case1 x great quality black carrying case with lock amp; keys Tattoo Ink1 x 30ml DragonHawk Tattoo Ink (Black)40x 5ml Colors:rose pink,peach,soft orange,bright orange,tangering,hard orange,dark red,dark chocolate,mario’s blue,kooland,fuschia,dark purple,mario’s light blue,true magenta,light magenta,skin tone,golden yellow,bananer chean,snow white opaque,lemon yellow,sunburn,lollipop,flesh,cherry bomb,bright red,carol’s pink,coco,light brown,medium brown,bamboo,teal,nahama blue,hunter green,light green,lime green,silver,true black,light purple,grape,dark green Tips10 x sterile stainless 304 steel tips in 10 differernt sizesSize: 3-5R 7-9R 11-14R 16-18R 5M 7M 9M 11M 13M 15M 20 x disposable tips in disinfected packing. Tattoo needles50 high quality pre-package sterile tattoo needles5 x tatoo needle RL35 x tatoo needle RL55 x tatoo needle RL75 x tatoo needle RL95 x tatoo needle RS55 x tatoo needle RS75 x tatoo needle RS95 x tatoo needle M1 55 x tatoo needle M1 75 x tatoo needle M1 9 Grips2 x alloy tattoo machine grips5 x matching disposable tubes (25mm) Others1 x practice skin; 1 x printing paper;50 x rubber nipple-style grommets; 50 x superior-quality, high-dampening o-rings; 50 x anti-microbial, heat amp; UV resistant rubber bands; 1 x adjustment tool set;1 x brush set for cleansing(5 pcs);1 x A amp; D Ointment. Each pack is a 5 gram foil pack;1 x ink cup holder;100 x plastic ink cups

Empaistic Tattoo Machine for Both Liner and Shader

Empaistic Tattoo Machine for Both Liner and Shader

Specifications TypeTattoo Machine / Tattoo GunGun TypeManualFeaturePermanentUtilityFor Liner and Shader MaterialCarbon AlloyCoils10 Wrap CoilsStart VoltageAC 2 -7 VSize104mm×88mm×46mmWeight0.25 kgDelivery3-7 DaysHighlight10 wrap coils make the tattoo machine enough stable and powerfulLow vibration frameGreat weight front balanceWork powerful at quite low volt, lower heat emission and a longer lifeCoils are made by insulated copper wire which is powerful and lower heatThe material of contact screw is red copper

Blue And Top Quality Tattoo Foot Switch

Blue And Top Quality Tattoo Foot Switch

Highlights:Suit for all standard power supply. Features:It’s the best choice for tattoo artists’ daily work.​


Tulisa (N-Dubz) and the Xfaxtor issues

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

N-Dubz Singer Accused of Giving undue prominence to her perfume brand, The Female Boss.The X Factor 2011: Tulisa's tattoo prompts Ofcom investigation

So according to radiotimes Tulisa’s Tattoo is getting her into a little trouble. What isn’t clear to me is who is complaining. The 23-year-old launched the perfume but who is to tell her what she can put on her body. This is her choice and its her Tattoo. I understand that they don’t want any unauthorized promotion, and according to Articles 9.4 and 9.5 of the broadcasting code that  “products, services and trademarks must not be promoted in programming” and “no undue prominence may be given in programming to a product, service or trademark” except where there are specific exceptions.  However it has no rights over saying where she can put her Tattoo. If its that big of a deal have her wear a cover up or longer sleeves.

Whats your thoughts on this?

(For all your Tattoo care, tattoo clothes and more check out my store ). Thanks for reading.


Megan Fox is over her Marilyn Tattoo

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Megan Fox Quote “I’m Over it”

According to Megan fox she grew out of her Marilyn Monroe Tattoo and is having it removed. This the News all over the Internet. She got it when she was 18 and now that she is 24 she feels she no longer wishes to keep the Tattoo beauty on her arm.
My point just another reason to wait, and really search for that Tattoo you really want. Why get something that cost more to put on then take to take off. I’m not saying don’t get a Tattoo because I am all for you expressing your artistic side. I am just asking to make sure you do your research.

A lesson to all the parents who let your kids get a Tattoo, remember they are too young.

And on that note I say check out all the sites you can check for your next tattoo here .




The Understanding and Rant of a Tattoo Minister

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

The Tattoo beginning and Reasoning

Recently I became Ordained. One of my friends ask me “That is kind of odd decision why did you do that?” My reply was “Well at first it was to help my cousin out because he thought it would cool if I performed his wedding. That was the reason at first, but then I got to thinking. So many people are turned off from God these days. I hear young kids constantly upset about the teaching of Christ. Don’t get me wrong if you don’t believe in him that is fine. I don’t want you to stop reading thinking I am going turn this blog in my own personal goal to convert everyone. I just want you to give you a better understanding about why I decided to go further with my decision .

The Understanding and Rant of a Tattoo Minister

So I thought to myself “What is turning people off, what might be the thing that is turning people off from learning more about God? Well one day well walking down the street of Woodward my nephew was confronted by a so-called representative of the word. The young man started preaching at us and telling us we are going to hell for our sins. The young man didn’t even bother asking if we was saved or if we believed in God. That is when it hit me, God word is not turning people off,  it’s the people representing him.  I started to think about the reason behind me joining the Patriot Guard. It’s all because people who claims do be Gods people are no longer preaching Love and Peace. They are Judging and screaming words of hatred. Best example is the Westbero Baptist Church. So I figured I’ll become a true man of his word and offer guidance, matrimony, baptism and blessings to those often shunned from people pretending to preach Gods word.

“Judge Not Less ye be judged yourself!”

This is what I hope to accomplish from this. Not to judge you, or preach at you or make you feel like your not worthy. I only wish to offer my services as a minister of god. Grant it I am in no way a professional, but I will offer you the advise that I can according to what I know about God and his word. Or if you just need someone to chat or listen to you I will offer my ear. You can contact me at I also am offering my services as an ordained Minister for marriages, blessings and baptisms for people who feel pushed away from ordinary Churches and ministries. Yes some of my services such as performing a wedding but everything else is free. Unless of course you feel like donating. Check me out and check out the Models wanted if you want to be featured on my site. Remember this site is still all about the Tattoos.


Online Tattoo Design for your next inkspiration.

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Picking out your Next Tattoo Design

There are several places on line you can go and get Tattoo Designs. Some like The Worlds Biggest Tattoo Store offers a variety of Tattoo designs to look at and other such as Tattoo Shading The Black & Grey Wash Style Guide simply teach you about the techniques of shading a black and grey tattoo.

Why shop online for a tattoo design

With today’s market there really is no reason to go to a tattoo parlor and flip through a cookie cutter style book with no originality in it. So you get a tattoo and days later find five other people sharing the same ink you thought would be one of a kind. Don’t get me wrong you can use the books to get an Idea about what you like but if you know your style and you know the design you might want ask the Tattoo artist to come up with something, have your friends or yourself draw up a concept or just go to a place online like NEW!!!Tattoo Designs U.s – Unique Content to get something you really want and like.

There is no reason to run around town looking for a good artist when you can sit at home and come up with a design, however it is highly recommended to find a great Tattooist working at a shop that is up to all of your State codes. This can prevent you from getting something that looks totally different then what you wanted and then finding out late that the guy didn’t use a new needle on you. With a fly by night tattoo in my basement guy you could end up getting more then just a tattoo. I always recommend going with a well knowing Trusted Tattooist that takes their time to get you what you want well keeping your safety in mind at all times.

Here is a some more online Tattoo design companies you might want to check out.

Tattoo Design Package

Infinite Tattoos (Popular)

Tattoo My Brain

Tattoo Chopper

LA Ink Tattoo Designs

Miami Ink Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Me now (Popular)

I hope you find this interesting and Helpful. If you need any more Ideas or would like to ask me any questions please feel free to contact me using the contact page on my blog.

Also check out some of these books for ideas for your next Tattoo Design.


And for all your tattoo needs please visit my Amazon story