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Fonts for your Tattoo

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

 Find the Fonts you are looking for

If your going to get lettering done make sure you know what fonts style you want there are several styles and some look betters than others. Depending on the size, word and placement you can really get some good lettering done. Other things you can do is visit a good artist and tell him you ideas and see what they come up with. Most tattoo artist are pretty good with lettering. Here are a few places you can purchase and do research on lettering.

If the book don’t work and you are not sure about going to an actual Tattoo Shop to find an artist you can always go online. Remember what ever you do your going to pay a little for the design but at least your going to get what you want. Don’t let anyone ever force you into something that you don’t want. Here are a few of the sites you can look at for Tattoo design.

That is just a few of the online shops you can find. If you still have questions you can email me at and I would be happy to help. Remember to find a legal tattoo artist in your area to give you your tattoo as this is an investment and you get what you pay for.

Angel Tattoo Designs

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

The Meaning

Angel tattoos are usually important to people who have a belief in God. Remember in most eyes a human is higher than the angels because even in the Bible God sends Angels to serve and protect humans. Every Angels are assigned a different job but the Angels people choose have tattooed on their body the most is a guardian Angel. This shows that someone is watching over the person themselves. This is usually done after the person has a dramatic life experience or when a loved one passes away.

Finding the right Tattoo.

Remember when getting a guardian Angel tattoo that you get find the right placement for your Angel. Placement and the type of Angel is the key when it comes to any tattoo that has meaning behind it. If you’re getting the tattoo simply because you like the design and it appeals to you that is okay as well. Your placement should be considered however depending on the size of the Angel you are getting.

Finding your Design

Here are several places you can go and find some good Angel Tattoos
Worlds Largest Tattoo Collection

Miami INK Tattoo Designs

La Ink Tattoo Designs

No matter where you find your tattoo or who gives it to you just make sure its what you want. Don’t let anyone ever push you into getting something you don’t want.

The Koi Fish Tattoo and its meaning.

Friday, March 5th, 2010

I was reading this article today about how the Koi Fish tattoo is once again becoming Popular. Once again I had to just to put my two cents out there. The Koi Fish Tattoo has a lot of meaning behind it. It represents a journey and the rewards of that are reaped with this journey. One story tells of the Koi fish climbing the dragons gate and when it reaches the top the koi fish themselves become dragons. Please make sure you know the meaning behind your tattoo if you choose to get a traditional one. For some good Koi designs visit
and for some good Koi fish references go to.

If you have or are thinking about getting a Koi Fish Tattoo please contact me i would love to document or tell the story behind why you decided to get the Koi Fish Tattoo.

The Sak Yant Traditional Tattoo

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

The Sak Yan is a traditional tattoo that is done in Southeast Asian Countries, such as Thailand and Cambodia. Also known as “Magic Tattoos”, there are usually given with meaning behind it. Sak meaning “to tap” and Yant derived from Yantra meaning “sacred Geometric design”.  You might recognize it from the one on Angelina Jolie’s tattoos. Remember, just because a star gets a tattoo does not mean someone else gets one. Usually a star does not influence a person to get a tattoo design. The Sak Yant is a tattoo that one gets that has a prayer or a blessing over the person it is on. Remember try not to insult a person when looking at their tattoo by saying “Oh, you got that because (insert celebrities name) got it?” This can be an insult to the person who wears it.

For centuries the Buddhist monks would give this tattoo and today can only give it to men. Some tattoo artist in will place the tattoo on a female but a true Buddhist Monk is forbidden from giving the ink to a female. Later I will be doing a story of a female who received a Sak Yant from a tattoo artist who used to study the Buddhist Religion. The artist himself has an amazing story. He used to be a gangster over in Thailand and when he ran into trouble he was given the opportunity to become a Monk. With the plea bargain his mother was able to get for him. During his journey of becoming a Monk he found an interest in tattooing that he decided to become a tattoo artist instead. I have included photos of the tools used to.

I am trying to start a page with different types of tattoos which will include the meaning and origin.  If you have ideas or a type of tattoo you would like featured, please contact me with the information using my “Contact Me” page on the right.

Also if you would like to be featured on my page use the “Contact Me” page as well. I would like to do a write up for you.

The Tattoo kit is from Myanmar and the tattoo from Thailand, but the writing is Khmer (ancient Cambodian)