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What to consider when getting a back Tattoo

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

When you are considering getting a back tattoo you have to think about several things.

  • Position
  • Size
  • Location
  • Is it Themed

The Position and Location determine a lot in this type of scenario Position meaning left, middle or right and location meaning upper back, shoulder blade or lower back. This is important especially when you are thinking about making the tattoo a themed tattoo. Tattoos with themes will determine where you put your tattoo because you have to think about the other pieces that will be added later.

This photo shows how position is everything the tree starts on the lower side of the persons back and end up on the opposite upper back leaving room for expansion. Even if the person with this tattoo decided not to get another one the tattoo in itself is a nice piece. That is why it is so important to get something that looks nice no matter if its stand alone or if you want to add to the piece later. The rule is each piece should look good enough to stand on its own. This way if later in life you find you can’t afford to move forward you still have a nice tattoo that looks good on its own.

I think like any tattoo the important part is planing and research. A lot of people will do their research before going into a tattoo parlor but the main thing you want to do is research after as well. What I mean by that is if you have never worked with the tattoo artist before you might want to go home and look up reviews on this person, well there ask to see past work, ask questions about the individuals history tattooing. You can also go online to sites like Print My Tattoo or Infinite Tattoo and see if you find what your looking for there.

Make sure you know what you want before going out and spending a lot of money on your Tattoo. If you have any questions you can send them my way I am always happy to help someone do a little research on what they want.

Online Tattoo Design for your next inkspiration.

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Picking out your Next Tattoo Design

There are several places on line you can go and get Tattoo Designs. Some like The Worlds Biggest Tattoo Store offers a variety of Tattoo designs to look at and other such as Tattoo Shading The Black & Grey Wash Style Guide simply teach you about the techniques of shading a black and grey tattoo.

Why shop online for a tattoo design

With today’s market there really is no reason to go to a tattoo parlor and flip through a cookie cutter style book with no originality in it. So you get a tattoo and days later find five other people sharing the same ink you thought would be one of a kind. Don’t get me wrong you can use the books to get an Idea about what you like but if you know your style and you know the design you might want ask the Tattoo artist to come up with something, have your friends or yourself draw up a concept or just go to a place online like NEW!!!Tattoo Designs U.s – Unique Content to get something you really want and like.

There is no reason to run around town looking for a good artist when you can sit at home and come up with a design, however it is highly recommended to find a great Tattooist working at a shop that is up to all of your State codes. This can prevent you from getting something that looks totally different then what you wanted and then finding out late that the guy didn’t use a new needle on you. With a fly by night tattoo in my basement guy you could end up getting more then just a tattoo. I always recommend going with a well knowing Trusted Tattooist that takes their time to get you what you want well keeping your safety in mind at all times.

Here is a some more online Tattoo design companies you might want to check out.

Tattoo Design Package

Infinite Tattoos (Popular)

Tattoo My Brain

Tattoo Chopper

LA Ink Tattoo Designs

Miami Ink Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Me now (Popular)

I hope you find this interesting and Helpful. If you need any more Ideas or would like to ask me any questions please feel free to contact me using the contact page on my blog.

Also check out some of these books for ideas for your next Tattoo Design.


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Caring For your New Tattoo

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Taking Care of your Tattoo

One thing that is ask constantly is how to take care of your new Tattoo. This is a question that is often ask and usually has many different answers depending on who you ask. One thing is for sure is that you should listen to your Tattooist every time.

One thig to remember is always use a non Petroleum after care product for your Tattoo. Keep it out of the sun and make sure it heals correctly. A good way to achieve this is by using Tattoo Goo after care product. The Original Tattoo Goo Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit 1 kit Is a complete line up of after care products that can help you keep your Tattoo looking good.

Care for your Tattoo even after it has healed

And if you already have a Tattoo and want to keep the colors looking healthy and vibrant make sure to put some kind of sun block on it before going out in the sun. Tattoo Goo makes a great product for this

More Information on caring for your tattoo and tattoo care products visit my Tattoo Care page

Please remember also to talk to your tattooist about his methods for caring for a tattoo. This is important both before getting your ink and after. When you ask question before getting the tattoo you find out how much knowledge the tattooist has.  You can find all the products mentioned in this artict at my Amazon tattoo store