Just in time for Halloween a Tattooed Frankenstien

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When and it led me to a very interesting and awesome person. We had some things to work out but like any thing in life, good things happen when you wait. Now I have the pleasure of releasing this story around Halloween and, how fitting, her name is Dani Frankenstein. But if your going to build a Frankenstein you couldn’t build one more beautiful then Dani. Looking at her Facebook you can tell right away that she is defiantly a talented individual, much like Miss Martini, so I requested some information and she was happy to let me know about selfportrait2Dani. Dani and Cherry are not just friends that work together but also live together. And both are outstanding girls, take the time get to know them and you’ll say the same thing. gothica1

Dani lived in the Ghetto of Santiago de Chile, in a place so dangerous her uncle was stabbed to death right around the corner from his house, all because he wouldn’t give a guy a cigarette. Her dad knowing that he had to give his family a good life, he picked the family up and moved them to Australia. This was a culture shock to Dani, she was surprised her school had toilet paper and people didn’t resort to stealing it. Even though it now seemed that she was movingup to the good life her dad still managed to cheat on her mother, and beat up Dani. Dani’s dad even went as far as alienating her from her mother and brothers. Not letting that stop her she rose up to the challenge of creating a bond with her other family members despite the wall her dadwas trying to build between them. Now not only does Dani and her brothers have a bond that is stronger than ever, but her mother has left her father and is re-doing their lives.


Now you can find Dani spending her life as a student doing Design as well as Printing and Graphic Arts. She has also started her own plushies called Frankenbunees that she creates and designs herself. These are small cuddly plushies that look very cute yet sinister.
As well as these plushies she has her own hair accessories for pretty dames. Apart from her creations you can find Dani modelling as a pin-up model in her spare time.
And her next goal? To open her own line of T Shirts.You can find Dani and all her designs at www.facebook.com/MissDaniFrankenstein

SnowMonster                                                 Frankenbunees

Steven : What made you want to get your first Tattoo?

Dani : When I was 8 years old, I saw my uncle get his first tattoo when he was 17. His friend had built a home made machine with a ballpoint pen body, sewing needles and a sewing machine peddle. I thought it was the coolest thing! And that was the moment I decided I wanted to be covered! It hasn’t quite happened yet…just give it time!

 photobypetercoulson                                                                    AtManifest

Steven: Do you think your up bringing had any influence on you getting tattoos, or any specific tattoos?

Dani: Most of my tattoos are anime characters. I was introduced to the world of Japanese animation at a very young age and its the one thing I will never get bored of! I think I’ll be one cool 80 year old grandma watching anime with my grankiddies. I bet they’ll love showing my ink off to their fellow anime geeks!

Steven: When working as a Pin up model, what is your favorite settings? or even photos?

Dani: I love vintage settings. Not just the typical 50s diner or mechanic shops but the Renaissance era too! The beautifully decorated walls, gold vintage frames, plush seats, corsets and big dresses! Think Marie Antoinette!

Steven: Amongst your tattoos what one tattoo stands out the most for you that you said, “I really want that tattoo”?

photobylarryvarley photobyattitudechickDani: I have two favourites at the moment my Sailor Moon with Tuxedo Mask from (you guessed it) Sailor Moon and my “SEXY” Doctor Frank Stein from Soul Eater. As aforementioned, I am a really big fan of anime and these are my favourite characters which I had to get tattooed on me! But my ink is

always a work in progress as I’m always watching something new and falling in love with new characters.

Steven: What does your family think about all your tattoos?

Dani: My mum was fine until the pastor of our church approached us and read us this verse Leviticus 19: 28 “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the Lord.” Although my beliefs prevent me from “tattooing” I at least am not committing adultery! Nor stealing nor Killing someone! So although mum no longer approves of my tattoos she knows she can’t do anything about it and is learning to live with them.

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3 Responses to “Just in time for Halloween a Tattooed Frankenstien”

  1. Betty Kazos Says:

    Wow, this is amazing! And I just read so much that I didn’t know about Dani… I knew she had come a long way in life.. considering the pain in her beautiful eyes.. but to this extent?! You chose the perfect person to write about!! Absolutely amazing xx

  2. Steven B Says:

    Thank you for the comments, I am glad you like the write up. Dani is a great person I only wish I could get to know her better.

  3. Dani Frankenstein Says:

    Waaahhh! You guys are awesomeee!