A Hi-tone with Diverse style

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DSC_0486 (Medium)DSC_0469 (1) The road for Tony “Hi-Tone” Valenzuela hasn’t been an easy one but is has been a most diverse one. He was born in Covina, California to Andrea and Tony Valenzuela, Sr. He is a very respectable man who appreciates any opportunity or person who will help him reach his goals and achieve his dream. Many times during our encounter Hi-Tone never once hesitated to end each letter with “Thanks again for this opportunity”. This made working with him on this feature blog post that much more enjoyable. I like helping people who appreciate what you do for them and you can tell right from the beginning that Hi-Tone is that type of person.

His earliest memories are from his father very abusively keeping him out practicing baseball all day. Instead of a smile on his face with a warm, “That’s ok son”; Tony would get a harsh tone from his father. The whole time they would be out his father would spend the time drinking and criticizing Tony. This usually would cause tension between Tony’s mother and father as his mom would try to be the mediator telling his father “Tony has practiced enough”. Tony had a strong love for the game but this was overshadowed by his father’s excessive abuse and constant need to live vicariously through his son.

All this changed when Tony’s Mother decided enough was enough. His mother divorced his father in after years of marriage. Tony remembers his mother coming back to the house to pick up Tony and Mia to live in a new apartment. This was a turning point in Tony’s life. Tony remembers being outside when his father grabbed him by both his arms and said “You can either stay with me and I can teach you how to become a man or you can get in that car with your mother and never tell anyone who your dad is”. But this was the opportunity for Tony to live! Looking at his mother through the window, he hoped into the car and never looked back.
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This opportunity meant a new life for Tony; finally, he could be a kid. A new start with a new school and new friends, This was the first time Tony felt free and was able to do other things besides just baseball. Tony began to take up skateboarding and listen to the type of music he wanted to. He even picked up the game of baseball not because he had to but because this is something he wanted to do. Not having a father means you have to learn how to be one on your own. And not living under someone’s thumb can also bring responsibilities most young men should are not prepared to deal with. Tony had gotten kicked out of school, and was faced with many tough choices. Like most young men, the influences and experiences lead you to the road where the decisions you make can determine your future. Not every decision is the right one but at the time it might seem like it’s your only choice. Tony saw how his mom had struggled to put food on the table and take care of her family. Tony began to experiment with and deal drugs; dealing drugs was his way to help his mother, it provided an income for him to purchase his own shoes and clothing taking the burden off his mother’s shoulders.

Lucky for the tattoo and rap industry dealing drugs didn’t become his passion. Instead he gave up baseball and started writing poems, and his poems turned into raps. Something about putting pen to paper and getting it all out reached a depth in Tony’s soul that nothing else could. It led him to a place that gave him an outlook on life no other outlet has ever giving him before. So at 15 he decided to put that skill to use and recorded his first track, he was hooked! This was it – Tony put his nose to the grindstone and focused on the positive in his life. He began to work on his music and helped other artists by writing verses for them as well. Now everything Hi-Tone did, he threw himself into. From his clothes to his shoes, his personal style, his music and his art. His art comes together in many forms but for Tony his style and music led him right to his fist tattoo at 17.

The more Tattoos Tony got, the more he wanted the words “Everything I do or pick up, I have to be the best at.” Tony was very fortunate to have well known artists in the tattoo industry only a phone call away, as his closest friends and family are all in the business. “I strive very hard for my dreams and never give up.” Tattooing and music go hand and hand for Tony. “I get to be creative every day for the rest of my life.” “I still have lots to learn in both aspects [music and tattooing] but I will never give up until I’m the best” Tony just picked up the art of tattooing and has been into music for going on since he has been 13. Hi-Tone will be invading everyone’s homes on the air waves all across the globe so be on the lookout for him. His creativity, style and drive will get your attention before you can say “SUCCESS”

Tony also admits that his first Tattoo wasn’t the best choice. A word to the wise for anyone who runs out to get a tattoo with no thought process, it tends to come back to haunt you.

Tony: “I did get my 1st tattoo at 17 and it was tribal artwork that wrapped aroundmy back, sides, and stomach. I don’t regret getting the tattoo but I do wishI choose something else because I’m into completely different artwork now. Butbelieve it or not tribal was in back then. To be honest I got the idea from a movie called “Baby Boy”. It’s called being young and dumb and now I have to pay the consequences by lasing the tattoo, so I can get something different over it”

You can check out Hi-Tone at http://www.hitone101.com

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2 Responses to “A Hi-tone with Diverse style”

  1. Getting a Tattoo Says:

    Tony’s story is too often heard. If your going to be a dad be a good one. If you don’t have the skills of being a good dad then keep your pecker in your pants.

    Tony’s first tattoo experience is heard too often as well. Way too many people get their first tattoo without any planning or forethought. Then after a year or two they regret their choice. If you want body art that you can live with for a life time then take the time to learn about the many styles and forms of tattooing. Once you understand the vast array of tattooing styles you’ll be able to make a much better decision about what kind of tattoo works for you.

  2. Steven B Says:

    This is true on all points. I created this site so others might look at it and know how to pick a tattoo, the process it takes and how to take care of them. I need more input from readers like you and hope you continue to read and contribute.