Glee Star Lea Michele (Rachel Berry ) has 10 Tattoos. Whats your Thoughts

Posted by on April 14, 2011

According to Digital Spay Celebrity-news Lea Michele from Glee has 10 Tattoos, and from what she tells Marie Claire she plans on getting more. It seems today Tattoos are getting more and more popular among stars.

I don’t mind people getting Tattoos but I hope this don’t start a trend among teens. I can see it now millions of kids beg their mom to get the same tattoo design that their favorite TV, Film or Music star has. Leaving hundreds of unoriginal Tattoos and regrets.

This brings me to another topic, any parent willing to do this for their underage child is an idiot. Last week well on a plain there was three 14-16 year old kidsĀ sitting across from me. They all had Tattoos that looked like something you would get from a prison yard. As a parent my child will not get a tattoo until they are old enough to walk in and get one themselves with no adult sanctions from me. The only exception would be a memorial tattoo in honor of someone close.

Any way back to my original post. What do you think? Do you see this trend pushing its way into the homes as something young uneducated children will be adopting just to keep up with their latest fad super stars? And if so how many parents do you think will allow it?

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