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Posted by on April 18, 2011

Twitter and Miley together again

I have to say the new photo that Miley reviled on twitter is really nice. It is a dream catcher and the full coverage and photos can be found here at Social Life Take a look discuss among friend but please remember she is an adult now and it is her body, you can only hold on to the Disney persona for so long!!


Nicolas Caged all because he wanted a Tattoo.

Nicolas Cage’s big moment with the New Orleans, Louisiana police could have been the result of the tattoo he decided to get in the spur of the moment according to The Toronto Sun.

When Cage sat down to get the Tattoo his wife entered the parlour and the two began to argue.


In other Celebrity Tattoo news I found this funny its a spoof but what if it was true,


Shakira found out why you should always check what is getting put on your body. The Full story can be found Here. Funny how one would fail to look at what is being put on your body. A mistake like this is on you for life. And why Shakira wouldn’t think of doing a cover up instead of laser surgery is beyond me.


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