Tattoo Magazine Subscriptions and what I found

Posted by on May 27, 2011

Finding a good Tattoo magazine for cheap

I did some research to see how much cheaper it is to buy a Tattoo Magazine subscription rather then buying one at a time. I found several magazines and checked into it. and This is what I found.

Any way what I found was that yes tattoo magazines are cheaper if you buy the subscriptions but with a little searching the Subscriptions can also come down on price. Just take tattoo magazine for instance If you buy from Amazon what normally cost 73.00 a subscription is now 34.00 coming close to only 3.00 a magazine for 12 months.

Tattoo Magazines from Japan!

I also wanted to share¬†the tattoo magazine with you Its something new to me, I don’t read Japanese but I love their work.

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