The Understanding and Rant of a Tattoo Minister

Posted by on October 18, 2011

The Tattoo beginning and Reasoning

Recently I became Ordained. One of my friends ask me “That is kind of odd decision why did you do that?” My reply was “Well at first it was to help my cousin out because he thought it would cool if I performed his wedding. That was the reason at first, but then I got to thinking. So many people are turned off from God these days. I hear young kids constantly upset about the teaching of Christ. Don’t get me wrong if you don’t believe in him that is fine. I don’t want you to stop reading thinking I am going turn this blog in my own personal goal to convert everyone. I just want you to give you a better understanding about why I decided to go further with my decision .

The Understanding and Rant of a Tattoo Minister

So I thought to myself “What is turning people off, what might be the thing that is turning people off from learning more about God? Well one day well walking down the street of Woodward my nephew was confronted by a so-called representative of the word. The young man started preaching at us and telling us we are going to hell for our sins. The young man didn’t even bother asking if we was saved or if we believed in God. That is when it hit me, God word is not turning people off,  it’s the people representing him.  I started to think about the reason behind me joining the Patriot Guard. It’s all because people who claims do be Gods people are no longer preaching Love and Peace. They are Judging and screaming words of hatred. Best example is the Westbero Baptist Church. So I figured I’ll become a true man of his word and offer guidance, matrimony, baptism and blessings to those often shunned from people pretending to preach Gods word.

“Judge Not Less ye be judged yourself!”

This is what I hope to accomplish from this. Not to judge you, or preach at you or make you feel like your not worthy. I only wish to offer my services as a minister of god. Grant it I am in no way a professional, but I will offer you the advise that I can according to what I know about God and his word. Or if you just need someone to chat or listen to you I will offer my ear. You can contact me at I also am offering my services as an ordained Minister for marriages, blessings and baptisms for people who feel pushed away from ordinary Churches and ministries. Yes some of my services such as performing a wedding but everything else is free. Unless of course you feel like donating. Check me out and check out the Models wanted if you want to be featured on my site. Remember this site is still all about the Tattoos.


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