Megan Fox is over her Marilyn Tattoo

Posted by on November 17, 2011

Megan Fox Quote “I’m Over it”

According to Megan fox she grew out of her Marilyn Monroe Tattoo and is having it removed. This the News all over the Internet. She got it when she was 18 and now that she is 24 she feels she no longer wishes to keep the Tattoo beauty on her arm.
My point just another reason to wait, and really search for that Tattoo you really want. Why get something that cost more to put on then take to take off. I’m not saying don’t get a Tattoo because I am all for you expressing your artistic side. I am just asking to make sure you do your research.

A lesson to all the parents who let your kids get a Tattoo, remember they are too young.

And on that note I say check out all the sites you can check for your next tattoo here .




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