Tattoo Parties Good Idea or Bad

Posted by on February 13, 2012

What are Tattoo Parties

Some people might not know what a Tattoo Party is. Usually it consists of a non-licensed tattoo artist who comes to some one’s house and gives tattoos at a cheap price. It usually begins with someone who knows an artist who works out of his house and has not been licensed by the state to give a tattoo. Then they talk to a bunch of friends and they all decide to have the artist come into their home and tattoo them all.

Pros of a Tattoo Party

Well the pros are obvious, you get a tattoo at a cheap price. Instead of saving money for months to get a tattoo, you simply tell the artist what you want and a few bucks later you set. Not only will you get your tattoo for a low price, you didn’t even have to got out for the night and sit in a state approved tattoo parlor to get your tattoo. Wow, what a short list!

Cons’ of a Tattoo Party

The cons of a tattoo party, you have a party that an unlicensed “tattoo artist” comes into your home and gives you a tattoo in a non regulated house. The reason most tattoo artists and parlors have to be regulated or licensed by the state is for health reasons. This is important if you care about the results of your tattoo.

In general does not condone, support , agree or recommend a tattoo party or a non licensed tattooist. Please be careful with what your doing when selecting a tattoo. Check out my article about picking the right tattoo by Clicking here, picking an online tattoo by clicking here. But please do not have a tattoo party, if you insist on doing this then go to a tattoo parlor and talk with a real tattoo artist about maybe having it at the parlor, this could save your skin, tattoo, and, above all, your from getting sick.

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