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Posted by on March 16, 2012

Tattoo Trends

From the 80’s cartoons the 90’s Tribal and 2000 Stars tattoo trends are always popping up. There was such classics as the ever loved tramp stamp to the butterfly to the tramp stamp of a butterfly. No matter what time of era there has always been some trend adopted by generational tattoo lovers. The question ask is this wrong to follow a trend or does it mark a time stamp in your life. In this posting I want to cover not only tattoo trends but also reasons why people should or shouldn’t get a tattoo and what trends tattoos are heading in now.

Trends Good or Bad

This is one of the subject I can’t decide on. I am on the fence, although some people only get one tattoo in their life other tend to get more. Usually the first tattoo is either a trend or something picked out from a book. Like anything trends have their ups and downs and for me there is always ways to make a Trend something better than what it is. I guess what I am really saying is if your going to follow a trend make it your own. Take for instance when everyone in the 90’s was getting the tribal bands around their Arms I thought it looked pretty cool, but who wants to get the same thing everyone else has. So when my daughter was born I had her name tattooed around my arm. Now I have some thing that is mine but I still sort of followed the trend. The other example is Stars, a lot of people are getting stars tattooed on them but instead of just a plain star I have seen some real cool designs. So they are making the Tattoo their own and no one else’s.

Trends for today Tattoo

So TV introduced this thing called reality TV and out of that came three Tattoo related shows Miami Ink, LA Ink and NY Ink. So watching them you see more and more people getting themed based tattoos, but what I have witnessed and not just on the shows is the type. Memorial tattoos seem to be high up on the charts. Whether it’s for a pet, person or a trialing time in one’s life people are marking it with ink. For that I say good, because you’re not just getting a stamp from some book that has no value to you live. Most Tattoos should have at least a little meaning to you even if it’s just simply because you think it rocks.

Other trends seem to be lettering. Whether it’s a name or a famous saying more and more people are getting lettering on their bodies. I can’t say why but again I agree with this. Why because although it might be a trend no ones is the same. Different letters and different sayings all make it unique to that person. With that reasoning this is why I have a hard time taking a side on if a trend is good or bad. My thoughts are as long as your making it your own and you like it, who cares what others might think.


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