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Posted by on May 9, 2012

Tattoo Ideas

So I was browsing videos the other day to get some new ideas for a write up. It wasn’t very long before I found a couple of videos. Not sure how people feel about this but I can tell you my opinion.

Tattoos and Technology

The first is not so bad I just think that it wasn’t thought out. With the way technology changes to have a tattoo based off an app and scanner linked to a web page is really kind of silly. But hey its your body do what you want. I admit it’s a cool concept and it might sound great at the time but again. technology changes so much that who knows how long this site, link or video will be up. So now you are stuck with a tattoo on your chest with a code that non of the new scanners can read. If they even use scanners in the future.  I am not trying to discourage anyone from getting a tattoo or trying new ideas for body modifications i am just asking that they be thought out. It is something I have preached time and time again. But like everything this is your choice.

The Good Old Eyeball

One of my other complaints and this one seems to be worse than the other is eyeball Tattoo.  Now this is not a new concept but why people this is a poor choice, with today have colored contacts that can change your whole eye color why would you do this to yourself. Something less permanent would be more ideal. All I ask is that you stop and think about what your doing to yourself. Grant it I am not saying every tattoo has to have a meaning all I am saying is this is permanent. Think about years down the line if this choice is still going to be a wise one. For an Eyeball tattoo or a newly developed technology tattoo idea I don’t’ think it is.

Please comment or send me your thoughts and as always if you would like to be featured on this site please feel free to let me know.

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