How to take care of your Ink, even if this is not your first Tattoo.

Posted by on February 2, 2010

If it is your first Tattoo an artist tells you the care that your Tattoo should be getting. Remember this is to some extent an open sore until it heals. So I figured I would cover her questions because I feel this is something you should ask your Artist every time you get a Tattoo. Why you ask, well things change. Not only do we find new advances in the Tattoo world but almost too often we forget the basics. Another reason is if you’re not going to the same artist you might get different ways to protect your tattoo. Always remember to ask the following basic questions if your Tattoo artist fails to inform you of the care for your new investment.

Should we re-wrap it every time we shower or go in the pool, etc, to keep it protected or are showers a good way to keep it rinsed and clean?

Remember I am not an expert but these questions and more are answered on my “Caring for a new tattoo” page. Be sure to ask your Tattoo Artist first before following any other advice.

This blog post will be followed up with a photo and short video of Eve Batelle’s Tattoo.

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  1. Maria aka PartyGurle Says:

    You may also come across an artist whose found a good product that may work better than others as well…