Inked for the Cause (The 3 Day)

Posted by on April 14, 2010

This story comes from Fox 2 News Detroit

OK I understand that this guy wants to help, and I understand its for a good cause so I applaud him for that. However this is on you for life, this is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The man wants to get a sponsor for 10,000 from a corporate donor. His plan is to be a walking advertisement for them. I give him credit unlike most foolish people in the past he A. has a good reason and Cause and B. Is putting it on his back instead of his forehead or other visible areas. He is also hoping for a manly Logo like Harley Davidson or the Ford Truck. 

I am confused by how to take this one because it has me balanced on both sides of the fence. It’s a good reason why he is getting the Tattoo but is it really what he wants? The real problem I have with this is that it goes against everything I stand for when getting a tattoo. If he was getting a pink ribbon or something that says “I stand against Breast Cancer” then I could understand. Then again it does mean a lot to this man to help out. Why don’t you the readers give me some feed back let me know what you think. Is this foolish or is it what stands behind the logo that counts?

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