14 year old Illegally Inked.

Posted by on December 15, 2009

So here I am at home watching the news, and they air a story of a kid who is 14 years old. Think about what I am about to write, there is many things wrong with this scenario

First the kid notices that the tattoo shop is doing tattoos for ten-dollars(Red Light). Most shops around here have a minimum pricing of forty-five to fifty-dollars. So here is where it gets interesting. Knowing he is not of the legal age to get a tattoo he went out and found a friend’s sister that was twenty-one to take him and get the tattoo done.  According to the article at Mlive and My Fox 2 Detroit the Tattoo shop agreed to let the boy get inked after the twenty-one year old said she was his sister and that the shop had her consent to give him the tattoo. Mind you Michigan law states that a minor must have writing consent from a parent or legal guardian. If the ten-dollar tattoos didn’t put this tattoo parlor under the radar, then not having proper consent sure should have. Read more it get interesting.

 Let’s look at both sides and see what went wrong here. Let’s start with the Kid himself and how things went wrong with the situation. Even when I was a kid a ten-dollar tattoo would have sounded strange to me so right away a red flag should have went off. Even if the fourteen year old didn’t catch this then the twenty-one year old female should have. Second of all the kid didn’t even check the spelling of his sister’s name before getting the tattoo. People please always use spell check. Make sure what you’re getting has the correct symbols or spelling before any needle touches the skin. Rookie mistake by a foolish kid and a great 20 or 21-year-old supposed guardian. Of course you also have the mother to factor in, why didn’t she know where her kid was and what he was up to. For punishment she took the kids Christmas toys away. I laugh at that, in my day my mom and dad would have sent me to my grandmother’s farm to work off the money it would take to get the tattoo removed. Grant it not all our families have relatives with a farm but you get what I am trying to say here.

 Now let’s go over what is wrong with the tattoo parlor. Normally I would side with the tattoo parlor but only if and that is if they follow the law. Something is defiantly shady if you’re getting a 10 dollar tattoo. One thing I think of right from the start is the needle. Most places make sure they cover the cost of the needle this assures they use a fresh one each time, or they make sure to clean and sterilize the equipment. Second no writing permission was giving by a parent or legal guardian. The 21-year-old female provided no proof she was his sister or that she had the right to give her consent.

 People this is a perfect example of why I say to not only pick the right tattoo but also pick the right tattoo artist. Anyone can throw down some ink but a good artist will create a work of art. A good parlor would never have a poor artist work for them and a good tattoo artist would never work for a low-budget shop. Most artist take their art serious and realize that their work is a representation of themselves. It also is what brings customers in and or back.

 I hope to do a follow-up to this story but for now send me your comments. Let me know who you think is at fault, who was in the wrong and what concerns you would have if this was your child!. I told my daughter if you ever want a tattoo you come talk to your dad first. We will make sure you get it done right. This is a growing problem among teens, and I think a little education is in order. They don’t understand the risk evolved in getting tattoos. It just isn’t that it’s on you for life it’s also that you can get hepatitis or even HIV from someone who don’t use the proper precautions.

 Both Articles and resources can be found at the following links.


Also read http://www.kltv.com/Global/story.asp?S=11663932

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2 Responses to “14 year old Illegally Inked.”

  1. Darren Says:

    I read this article on clickondetroit.com this morning and immendiate thought of your previous post. The one thing that really stood out is that the sister’s name is spelled wrong. I realize the kid is only 14, but really??? I mean, I guess that’s a really clear reason why there has to be parental consent.

  2. Maria aka PartyGurle Says:

    Personally I think that the parlor is at fault. (1) offering $10 tattoos….really?!?! And (2) not getting the proper consent by law.
    The 14 year old kid was just that….a kid. He most likely wouldn’t have known that a $10 tattoo is shady if he doesn’t know much about tattoos….
    And I agree with you, the punishment was surely a poor one. *shakes my head*