Illegal Tattoo update

Posted by on December 16, 2009

So I wrote earlier today about the kid who got the 10 dollar tattoo. It seems some people are more compassionate than I would be. Apparently a local radio station heard about this on the news and contacted  a specialist that has helped them on the show before, and he agreed to do the laser surgery to have it removed for free. 

If this was myself and even if it was my own daughter or son I would make them keep the tattoo on them to make sure they understand that they made the mistake. I think that kids have it too easy today and everything is a quick fix. Now don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t make him or her keep it on forever just long enough for them to earn the money themself to get it taken off. This is what my parents would do to me when I caused property damage or wrecked something of value, and I have a better respect for the things that I own today. I appreciate everything I have. 

It is important that kids learn that getting a tattoo is risky and a lot of research should be involved. Let me know what you think! You can leave a comment or use the contact me on the right side of the blog to write me a letter. 

If you have any topic, Issue, Artist or experience you would like to share or have writing about let me know. 

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3 Responses to “Illegal Tattoo update”

  1. EveB Says:

    Damn straight my kid would be working that ish off! No bleeding heart dr. who should be spending his time with those truly in need, is going to get my kid out of learning his lesson the hard way since he wanted to go do something “grown up” lol

  2. Chessie Says:

    Wait a min. A 14 year old gets a tattoo…and who did the work? It looks like a pretty good job. No jail house blotches…looks like it was done with a professional gun. So…did I just miss it…???? Is anything being done to the person who slung the ink?

    Now, getting back to the kid. I do believe the kid needs to pay to have the tat removed. IT’s not so much the doctor who is at fault here for offering his help, but the parents who agreed without striking a bargain with the doctor. Perhaps the kid should have earned his tat removal by working in the doctor’s office. Emptying trashcans cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, moping the floors.

    The parents are at fault here. Rather than thinking of the kid first, they grab at offers that help protect their own pocket books, before they devise a way to instill into their kids something about respecting state and local law, respecting their parents wishes regarding tattoos,…well respect period.

    The kid needed to work off his stupidity…the parents should have negotiated with the doctor for his services rather than snagging up free stuff (welfare?) People today just think when they are in trouble the government should bail them out. Or the haves should help out the have nots…without anyone facing the responsibility of repaying the “do gooder” for his efforts.

    Oh I can go on forever here…sorry. so long winded.

  3. Maria aka PartyGurle Says:

    I agree with Chessie on the working it off at the doctor’s office. You are correct in that kids have it different now a days. I remember the days when I was a kid and running around the neighborhood with the neighbors playing sports, fishing, climbing fences, and getting into mischievousness OUTSIDE! Not inside playing video games or watching hours of TV. Maybe this explains as to why I’m such a busy person even now as I’m an adult. And my parents didn’t have to worry about anyone snatching me up or getting lost…things are soooo different now-a-days with the youth. I hear of things and can only shake my head and be grateful for how I grew up.
    And…I was disciplined and did not get away with anything! :)