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This is a little about me.

My name is Steven and I live in Detroit Michigan. I spent seven and a half years in the military. Things I enjoy are riding motorcycles and having a good time with family and friends. So far I have two tattoo’s. I am working with an artist and a tattoo artist to get several more put on my body. The reason I don’t have more so far is because getting a tattoo is nothing I take lightly, also i believe you don’t have to be an Artist to enjoy Art. I feel that Tattoos are an art form and should be appreciated like any fine art. It should be enjoyed and respected like  any other art do to  1. The people 2. The Art and 3. The artist. I love looking at really good Tattoos and hearing some of the stories behind them. Lastly I love History so I like the history aspect as well. The reason for me writing this blog is to help others educate themselves on tattoos, and hopefully not only supply you with a good amount of resources but also some entertaining stories. Don’t forget to check out or Facebook Fan Page and my Facebook Page.  I got my associates Computer Network Service and a Bachelors in Information Security Services.

Update of my status, I recently became ordanied so I could spread the word but mostly so Bikers and Tattoo lovers can have a minister who will perfome Weddings, Baptisims, Blessings and even funerals with out feeling shunded by a preist that would normaly look down on our lifestyle.

Posted by Steven B on May 6, 2010 :

There has been a lot of people who have helped me so far building this blog, and i try to do my best to pay it forward. So I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone out there to look around and find the people who have helped you. Sometimes something simple can mean a lot to someone.

Poseted by Steven B. On March 4, 2011,

I recently took up photography in order to start showing and selling some photos of Lady’s and Gentlemen showing off their Ink. If you interested contact me. Also I use Host Gator to run this site. If you want to run multiple Sites Host Gator makes it easy by allowing you to host multiple sites for as little as $10.00 US dollars a month. If you are interested just follow the banner below.

Or Call me from your mobile or PC if you want my Phone number direct please email me with the request,After you call your phone will Ring press 1 to connect.

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