Caring for a New Tattoo


Always check with your tattoo artist or studio that gave you the tattoo before use any other method for caring for your new tattoo. Especially if this is your first Tattoo. Wash your hands. Before you start caring for you tattoo or removing the bandages in any way. Do not use any petroleum jelly baed producs or scented lotions. Every time you care for your tattoo be sure to wash your hands. You Hands are full of Germs so make sure they are clean before touching or caring for you tattoo.


1. Remove the bandage, after 2-5Ahours, remove the bandage and let the tattoo air dry. After you remove the bandage do not attempt to put another one over the tattoo. If you get the tattoo and you are going to sleep soon after leave the bandage on until after you wake up for the day. If the bandage sticks to your cloths make sure to wet it before removing the bandage


 2. After you remove the bandage gently wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap and warm water, using your finger tips to carefully remove any dried blood.(Don not use anything with abrasives in it.) Make sure to use a clean towel and pat the tattoo dry. Do not rub the tattoo with any towel remember to pat it dry. Once the tattoo is dry apply a thin coat of  a non petroleum jelly based product or un sented lotion do not use Aleo. (there is also a product called Emu Oil Tattoo)


3. For the next 2-3 days Apply a thin coat of Non petroleum based product or un sented lotion on the tattoo at lest 2-4 times a day. It is very important to keep the tattoo moist, but don’t over do it. The tattoo will need air to heal correctly. Continue cover the tattoo the lotion at least once a day for 2-3 weeks.


4. Make sure that you shower and not bathe(Or go swimming). If you soak the tattoo it can affect the color and shading of the tattoo. Before each shower apply a layer of petroleum jelly to help protect the coloring of the tattoo. Do not apply direct water pressure to the tattoo well in the shower. let the water run over the tattoo.


5. Other then Cleaning make sure you or no one else touches the tattoo until it is fully healed.


 Last but not least after your tattoo is healed make sure you apply sunscreen to the tattoo when going out in the  sun. This will help keep the tattoo from fading

Here are a few products you can use to help protect your tattoo both during the healing process and after

Last modified on January 24, 2012

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