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A Guardian Angel (Maria’s Behind the Ink Story)

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Last week I was pretty excited to get a message from Maria telling me she wanted to tell her story on my page. Not only is this my first “Behind the Ink” tale, but she’s also a friend of mine on Twitter.

 Maria’s inspiration for her tattoo has not only meaning behind it but a story that she enjoys telling. Although the Inspiration to her tattoo has many points that could be made, I want to focus mainly on the tattoo. Since Maria is such a great writer, I’ll be using her write-up for this part of the blog.

 “I was working at JC Penney’s at the time of Princess Diana’s death. I remember a coworker of mine buying up a bunch of the little Guardian Angel birthstone pins from the jewelry department and going around giving them to us. She gave me an Emerald one for May. Ever since that day, I’ve had that guardian hanging from my rear view mirror.”


“But even then, it wasn’t until 2000, when I lost my 3rd friend in 2 years, that I seriously made a point of religiously wearing my seatbelt.”

“In June 2007, I was involved in a fatal car accident. Of the three involved, I was the luckiest with the least physical injuries coming away with only a right broken foot and a severely sprained left ankle leaving both legs splinted for at least 6-8 weeks among several cuts and bruises and severe whiplash that lasted two days. When my mother collected whatever of my belongings were still salvageable from my car a few days later, there was the necklace my sister had given me for Christmas one year, with my Guardian Angel still pinned to it. When I got a new car, the first thing I put in it was that Guardian Angel pin.”

“Having recently returned to my faith, I strongly believe in Guardian Angels and firmly believe that mine never left me, no matter how far or how long I strayed.”

“It was in October 2007, four months after the accident, that I came to the firm decision on a new tattoo – a Guardian Angel, to signify my ordeal from that fatal accident, which was a life-changing event for me.”

“So I got a recommendation on a parlor here in town. I thought long and hard about it being that the state (SC) just recently started allowing tattooing. Used to be we had to drive across the border to get a tattoo and I had gotten my first two in Charlotte, NC. Too bad the shop that my original artist worked at was no longer open because I would have gone back to him. However, this artist here came highly recommended, having a tattoo shop in Japan also. She came to SC specifically to open a shop. She even had a hand in helping pass the laws for tattooing here in SC.”

Tattoo Angel

 “So I went in to see her and told her what I wanted. I explained to her what happened and what I wanted my guardian angel to look like. I wanted her to be kneeling in a way as if she was above looking over the edge of a cloud down at me, watching over me, and I wanted her wings to have a lot of definition with the feathers. ”

Maria had several differences with the original artist and since then has decided to complete the tattoo with a different artist. I will post more on this later but for now Maria has plans to complete the Angel detail with brown hair and clouds surrounding her.

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