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Eve Batelle of SoCalsAngels Bonding Ink with her sister.

Friday, February 5th, 2010

A good friend of mine, Eve Batelle of SoCalsAngels, wrote me a couple days ago. After getting a new tattoo she brought up a great point. If it is your first Tattoo, an artist tells you the care that your Tattoo should be getting. Remember, this is, to some extent, an open sore until it heals. So I figured I would cover her questions because I feel this is something you should ask your Artist every time you get a Tattoo. This was covered in Part one of the story.  Why you ask? Well things change. Not only do we find new advances in the Tattoo world but almost too often we forget the basics. Another reason is if you’re not going to the same artist you might get different ways to protect your tattoo. Always remember to ask the following basic questions if your Tattoo artist fails to inform you of the care for your new investment. So with that I promised the rest of her story and here it is.

First the Meaning behind the Tattoo

“So, my sister, Ace, and I, have been talking about getting matching tattoos forever. I’ve always said that the only time it is acceptable to get someone’s name or matching tattoos is when it’s a family member or someone who has passed away as they will never leave you. Blood is blood and those who have passed away need remembering. Husbands, boyfriends, music artists, they all come and go, so why put yourself through the pain of having to remember that break up every single time you look at it?”

Then there is the Time it takes to make sure your getting what you want and getting that perfect tattoo created.

“So, back to us, we’ve been talking about it for years. We know we’re not getting rid of each other in this life time or any other so we wanted something to connect us even more so than us just sharing a brain. While we have talked about it for years, we never had any idea what on earth we wanted or even where it would go.”

“Sitting down at a diner at home she started doodling on her paper placemat. No real intent of anything, just drawing while we were talking. When I looked down, I noticed that she was drawing our initials together in some very interesting ways. We have nicknames for each other that we use in public to avoid the crazies who want to pretend they know us or, if they do know us, we don’t want them recognizing us lol. I told her to keep going with the initials as I was liking where it was going. We had two months until her birthday and I wanted to make sure we had something good so that I could give her that gift of eternal bonding.”
“Slowly it morphed into an interesting design. While they are our nicknames’ initials, they didn’t look like letters, they didn’t look like simple initials, it was our talisman, our connection. When she raised her place mat for me to look at it, I said THAT’S IT, took a picture and that was that.”
And then for the Artist and Tattoo Parlor. Notice she went back to a trusted source.

“We walked into the tattoo shop that I get absolutely everything done at, 1st Amendment in Temecula, CA, and put down our drawing and, as we are craptastic artists, asked him what he could do to make that something that we would be proud to have on our bodies for the rest of our lives. Bert (whom I highly recommend!) went to work and came out with the talisman that was our initials. When he asked where we thought we wanted it we both immediately touched the inside of our left wrists. Laughing we said let’s do it and here they are!”

And then the Finished Product!

Got Ink?