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An Australian Martini

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

CherryM (22)Born in Melbourne, Australia but spending most of her child hood in Rotorua New Zealand this beautiful Comic con loving Pin up girl has accomplished and seen a lot in her 24 years.cherrym Not only does she do Pin Up modeling she also has a line of clothing and her art work is amazing. Well looking through her Facebook page you can find a lot of her art work, photos and clothing.

When interviewing Miss Martini I found several interesting facts about her life and lifestyle.  Dropping out of school she decided to adventure into the body modification field of Tattooing and Piercings. It probably helped that she has a heck of a creative side. You can tell this in her drawing and T shirts she creates. Everything she seems to do she does with extreme passion.

After living in Rotorua, New Zealand for most of her teenage years she returned home in 2005 to Australia only to find that it didn’t work out. Kicked out of her home due to conflict with her mother she vowed never to return home again. Complication with her mother was a normal thing and Cherry spent most of her teenage years in and out of foster homes, but that didn’t stop her from achieving all that she has today.

CherryM (16)

With the help of her Old Step Dad and his new partner she got her life started again. Picking herself up Cherry enrolled herself into school graduating with a diploma in Arts and Illustration. From there Cherry became a freelance Illustrator. She has also done a bit of traveling.CherryM (11)

Steven: What was your  first Tattoo and if any what was the meaning behind it

Cherry Martini:  “My 1st Tattoo was a Tiger, Just a small one on back shoulder and i had my birth father in mind when i got it as he is Indian. I also wanted a tattoo more than anything in the world and would have gotten a pig riding a donkey if that were my only choice lol. I was 16”

Steven: It seems that you traveled a lot judging from your Facebook page, where was your favorite place/time in your travels?

Cherry Martini: “I love to Travel, I have been across from Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia then to Uganda, north Africa where with some friends I met on the way, we built a house for Orphans, got our van chased by a Gorilla Solider with a gun, Had our vehicle Flipped on a dirt road in the Middle of the jungle where baboons stared at us from only meters away! Got bitten by a shit load of Blood sucking flies and had one of our boys catch Malaria from them. Give lollies to villagers where we were swarmed by children who had never laid eyes on a white person before, let alone one with tattoos and bright red hair lol. Got held at gun point for just wanting to post some postcards And came up to a meter away from a wild Bull elephant with out knowing it till we were right in front of him! And survived with photos to boot! One hell of a adventure, oh might i add with only a hundred dollars in my pocket!! Lol”

I’ve also traveled around New Zealand, Australia and to the Philippines where I brought a shit load of anime stuff .”

CherryM (17) CherryM (15) CherryM (12)

Steven: What type of hobbies do you have?

Cherry Martini: “OMG I’m a Nerd lol My hobbies are: Tattoos, Alternative Clothing and shoes, Console Games!!!!! Final fantasy!!!!! Anime!!! Manga!! Fantasy novels. Cartoons that aint Anime lol. Pets. And well obviously, painting and photography etc”

Steven: So you like Comic Con, would you happen to have any Comic  Tattoos?

CherryM (19)

Cherry Martini: “Yes i’m a big nerd! lol. Gamer, movies, comics, anime and manga!”

“I have J.Scott Campbell’s ‘Danger Girl’ comic, Abbey chase tattooed on my arm!! I have Jami Hewletts, Gorillaz’s Band member 2D on my forearm and am currently getting Kakashi from Naruto tattooed on my leg!”

Steven: “I noticed your butterfly tattoos on each of your wrist, do they have any meaning? If yes what, if no what CherryM (23)made you get them?”

Cherry Martini: “The Butterflies have faces of a girl in them and they are designs by Artist Martin F Emond and i got them on my wrists after he sadly took his own life. He was a inspiration to me deeply as a teenager and i got them over my wrists as i used to cut myself and with this stamp i promised never to do anything foolish again!”

Steven: Other then modeling what do you like to do for fun?

Cherry Martini: “Other than modeling and designing, I love to relax lol Hang out with my friends, go to house parties CherryM (1)or dinner. Also being a mum and taking my boy out shopping and stuff lol.”

Steven: What made you try out for the Miss Inked 2010?

Cherry Martini: “I tried out for Miss Inked because it looked like fun, plus you never have anything to lose lol. Upon seeing i have made it into the last 8 girls, im all excited and am really hoping i win now!!! lol So yes Please vote for me.”

You can find her pages here.

CherryM (13)

Model Mayhem:


Also if you have a Facebook account please go to!/album.php?aid=200568&id=360547924233&ref=mf and vote for her for Cherry Martini to become the next Miss Inked.

Want more of this Cherry Martini you can find her here. Brutalitees, Pop Rock City, Dead Beat Magazine, Attitude Chick Photography, Visual Distortions, Larry Varly, Black Sunshine Clothing, Lizard Designs, Miss Skull and Bones, Miss Siege Art sales and Promotions, Start Struck Dezines.

Haylee Detroit The Tattoo Gypsy Queen!

Friday, March 19th, 2010

I recently have had the honor of meeting Haylee Detroit . I met Haylee Through a great Tattoo Artist Tim (Tiny Tim) Patton, who is well knowing in Detroit for his Art. One thing I immediately liked about her is that she helps by promoting positive images of women with Ink. Here are several ways she does this, one she is the Marketing assistant for the Gypsy Queens promotional team and Second she is involved in beauty pageants for ladies with Ink. If all that wasn’t enough she works at Pure Salon & Day spa and recently started a Cosmetology Apprenticeship. Haylee is now the proud employee of Club Via734 that is opening early April that is located at 8663 North Lilley, Canton, MI 48187. T o say she is one busy woman would be an understatement. You can also view both Facebook fan pages at Pure Salon and VIA734. I would love to be at the club opening to get some photos of both the club and Haylee. Haylee recently got a spot as a bodypaint model at a large event held at theMotor City Casino on Sat April 10th and also just recieved the second lead role in a hip hop music video shooting on Sun April 18th. Music video by Small Dog Films for the song Dream Girl by DJ X-Change Feat. Lewd Socitey & M-Rey. if you look closely you can see her twice on the audition video.   

The Gypsy Queens

The Gypsy Queens are run entirely by female members and there is no Nudity involved. You can visit them on their My Space page The Gypsy Queens show up at a lot of events such as Rock Shows, Record Release Parties, Art Galleries, Clubs not to mention two of my personal favorite Tattoo and Biker Events. I hope to do a write-up on more of the Gypsy Queens in the future. 



 Interview With Haylee

Steven:How many Tattoo’s do you have?   

Haylee: ” I have 10 tattoos: “Beauty Queen” Chest plate by” Jared “Bull” Ammons owner of Liquid Chaos Tattoos in Brownstown, Mi, Detroit (It included shears, blowdryers, lipsticks, makeup brushes, and bobby pins because I have always been a little obsessed with hair). The Detroit  D along with the skyline shoulder cap by Bull because I have moved alot in my life but Michigan is the one place that I keep coming back to, girly skull on fore arm that my husband drew up for me but Bull tattooed on me, Free Spirit Ambigram on forearm by unknown, 13 on neck by unknown to turn my luck around 13 has always been my lucky number and I got a matching one with my husband on Friday the 13th, mother and child symbol with my children’s names on upper back by Bull, mother and child fairy on lower back by Bull after my son was born I wanted to get something to commemorate my love for my new son, tribal on lower back for my 1st tattoo and tribal hips by Victor Locke who I believe is in Dallas, TX now.”   


Steven: What made you get your first Tattoo?   

Haylee: “I got my first tat when I was 16. I think back then it was more about rebellion than anything.”   

Steven: Tell us a little about what type of Night Club Via 734 is and the type of events that will take place there?   

Haylee:  “The 734 Nightclub will feature various genres of music throughout the week including but not limited to salsa, regge, hip hop, but mainly top 40. We will have many events at the club, our 1st big event will be a Hair/Fashion show that will be held on ladies night(Thursday). If you bring 8 or more ladies on ladies night you will receive a complimentary bottle service. and we’ll also have dollar drafts for the fellas. (just for an example)”   

Steven:  How did you get involved with the Gypsy Queens?   

Haylee: “I got involved with the GQ’s about a year and a half ago. found them on myspace and asked if I could help out because it was refreshing to hear of an alternative modeling group that believed in “tats not tits”! they ended up making me the president of the Michigan chapter, and I have moved up in the company since then.”   

Steven:  Out of all the Shows and events that you have done what is your most memorable experience?   

Haylee: “My most memorable experience(so far) was the Mario Barth Vegas Tattoo Convention last October(2009). I went with the Gypsy Queens(we had a booth). We were in charge of the tattoo contests and the beauty pageant. and boy was it crazy! lol! I am definitely going back this year!”   

Steven: Have you ever been featured in any of the tattoo magazines. If yes what one and how did it happen?   

Haylee: “I was recently featured in the March 2010 issue of Tattoo Magazine, pages 48 & 49. I did a photo shoot with Billey Tinney from Low Rider & Tattoo Magazinewhile in Vegas for the convention. They called me a month or so later and asked if they could feature me and do an article and of course I said YES!!!”   



  Steven: Out of  all your tattoos what is your favorite one and why?   

Haylee: “hmmmm.l..that’s a hard question. I think out of all my tattoos I like my Detroit D skyline shoulder cap the best. It’s very original and artistically speaking, I think it is phenomenal! I always get stopped and asked about it, even by older folks. It’s always something like “I don’t really care for tattoos but that one is very tasteful”. lol! the older generation cracks me up, but I always get a kick out of explaining why I choose to get tattooed and the long in-depth conversations I end up having with complete strangers!”   

Please be sure to show your support for Haylee as she is a contestant in the Miss Ink America Contest. This is a contest that will be held in September at Atlantic City. This of course is a representation of a beauty pageant for women with art look up MissInk America Contest on Facebook to become a fan! Also Check out Bull and Liquid Chaos Tattoos in two locations one in Dearborn Hights 313-299-3435 and Brownstown 734-479-2420, both are located on Telegraph Road.   




Eve Batelle of SoCalsAngels Bonding Ink with her sister.

Friday, February 5th, 2010

A good friend of mine, Eve Batelle of SoCalsAngels, wrote me a couple days ago. After getting a new tattoo she brought up a great point. If it is your first Tattoo, an artist tells you the care that your Tattoo should be getting. Remember, this is, to some extent, an open sore until it heals. So I figured I would cover her questions because I feel this is something you should ask your Artist every time you get a Tattoo. This was covered in Part one of the story.  Why you ask? Well things change. Not only do we find new advances in the Tattoo world but almost too often we forget the basics. Another reason is if you’re not going to the same artist you might get different ways to protect your tattoo. Always remember to ask the following basic questions if your Tattoo artist fails to inform you of the care for your new investment. So with that I promised the rest of her story and here it is.

First the Meaning behind the Tattoo

“So, my sister, Ace, and I, have been talking about getting matching tattoos forever. I’ve always said that the only time it is acceptable to get someone’s name or matching tattoos is when it’s a family member or someone who has passed away as they will never leave you. Blood is blood and those who have passed away need remembering. Husbands, boyfriends, music artists, they all come and go, so why put yourself through the pain of having to remember that break up every single time you look at it?”

Then there is the Time it takes to make sure your getting what you want and getting that perfect tattoo created.

“So, back to us, we’ve been talking about it for years. We know we’re not getting rid of each other in this life time or any other so we wanted something to connect us even more so than us just sharing a brain. While we have talked about it for years, we never had any idea what on earth we wanted or even where it would go.”

“Sitting down at a diner at home she started doodling on her paper placemat. No real intent of anything, just drawing while we were talking. When I looked down, I noticed that she was drawing our initials together in some very interesting ways. We have nicknames for each other that we use in public to avoid the crazies who want to pretend they know us or, if they do know us, we don’t want them recognizing us lol. I told her to keep going with the initials as I was liking where it was going. We had two months until her birthday and I wanted to make sure we had something good so that I could give her that gift of eternal bonding.”
“Slowly it morphed into an interesting design. While they are our nicknames’ initials, they didn’t look like letters, they didn’t look like simple initials, it was our talisman, our connection. When she raised her place mat for me to look at it, I said THAT’S IT, took a picture and that was that.”
And then for the Artist and Tattoo Parlor. Notice she went back to a trusted source.

“We walked into the tattoo shop that I get absolutely everything done at, 1st Amendment in Temecula, CA, and put down our drawing and, as we are craptastic artists, asked him what he could do to make that something that we would be proud to have on our bodies for the rest of our lives. Bert (whom I highly recommend!) went to work and came out with the talisman that was our initials. When he asked where we thought we wanted it we both immediately touched the inside of our left wrists. Laughing we said let’s do it and here they are!”

And then the Finished Product!

Got Ink?