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Tax Payers pay the bill for tattoo cover-up

Friday, December 11th, 2009

            A friend of mine sent me this article to read and I just had to comment on it. This is the following article.

            Basically the article is about John Allen Ditullio and his crime. Well if John Allen Ditullio would have picked his Tattoo designs a little wiser then the tax payers of Florida wouldn’t have to pay for his mistakes. For $150 a day tax payers pay to have this mans tattoos covered so the Jury won’t prejudge him. According to John’s lawyer, his six inch Swastika is going to keep him from getting a fair trial. So now are we going to start paying to have gang tattoos removed? Well, John should have thought of that before he got it. John didn’t get the tattoo until after he was arrested on criminal charges, this is what I mean about making sure you pick the right tattoo design and the right tattoo artist.

This story is also on CNN. Let me know what you think Should the Tax Payers pay for someone elses mistakes? I know what I think.