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Some good advice for people new to Tattoos.

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Sort video for people new to Tattoos.

Parents Tattoo Kids with home made needle.

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

 Ha this is a good one. The mother sees nothing wrong with this. WOW, really first lets just go with the fact the kids are all underage have no idea what they really want and what the do want. Second you used the same “Home Made” Tattoo gun on the kids. This is crazy.

Here is my rant on this.

You take kids that are under age, and look to you for guidance and care and give them all Tattoos. Instead of telling your kids I think you should wait on something like this so you get something meaningful and worth getting she lets them get one. Second she don’t take them to a professional, she gives them the tattoo with a home-made gun. Both parties are at fault here. From the Video itself, it is unclear if the man is married to the woman or not,but I am not sure why they didn’t focus on the boyfriend. It could be because the female did the tattoos herself. The mother of the man in question reported them and I applaud her. Remember anyone can have a baby, but responsible people are called parents.

The kids range from 10 -17. Although a 17-year-old might be able to decide on a design, you should still take them to a professional. Personally I would still tell a 17-year-old to wait, check out some designs and then go to a professional. The lines on the lady’s Tattoos in my opinion are really not done all that well. Most people would see this type of flaw and really want to take a look at a true tattoo artist.

Now lets look at the health concerns. Looking at the video the set up looks pretty nasty to me. But on top of that she uses the same needle on all three kids. When done did you even bother to tell your kids how to take care of the new tattoo itself? Questions like this should be ask during the trial of both the man and woman.

So that is my rant, What do you think. My favorite part is when she said “I don’t think it’s that big of a deal” like getting a tattoo is an everyday thing.