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The Koi Fish Tattoo and its meaning.

Friday, March 5th, 2010

I was reading this article today about how the Koi Fish tattoo is once again becoming Popular. Once again I had to just to put my two cents out there. The Koi Fish Tattoo has a lot of meaning behind it. It represents a journey and the rewards of that are reaped with this journey. One story tells of the Koi fish climbing the dragons gate and when it reaches the top the koi fish themselves become dragons. Please make sure you know the meaning behind your tattoo if you choose to get a traditional one. For some good Koi designs visit
and for some good Koi fish references go to.

If you have or are thinking about getting a Koi Fish Tattoo please contact me i would love to document or tell the story behind why you decided to get the Koi Fish Tattoo.