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She is … Jeselyn … Model and Overall Awesome Chick!

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Jeselyn is a heavily tattooed alternative, fetish and pinup model that has been seen on Model Mayhem, Zivity and on her very own website  This self proclaimed Dance of Death has got over 200 hours under the needle and I’m sure hundreds more hours in front of the camera!


I have personally admired Jeselyn’s work for a long time and it was an honor to be able to feature her on Inkspirational Words!!

When did you start modeling and what first interested you about it?

I started modeling about 3 years ago. I had always been on the other side of the camera… and never thought about modeling myself. I moved down to Rhode Island and totally reinvented myself. I was then approached a few times and finally gave in. Thinking it was just a great ego boost and just a little hobby. Now look where it’s got me!

What is your favorite thing to shoot?

I go through phases. I was in a huge pin-up phase for a while, now I’m onto more fetish work. I’ll never stop any of it.  I just find something new and try to master it, then move on to a new style. But I always jump around quite frequently.

You recently started a website .. tell me a bit about it.  What makes you stand out from the rest?

I started my fetish/erotica website in the end of January. It has taken a few turns and grown and continues to grow. It’s lots of fun. I had always envied those who had their own site and finally took it upon myself to make it happen. I can’t thank my fiancé enough for all the support.

I’ve got a few projects started that will definitely make me stand out from the rest. Not only do I do artsy erotica or fetish work, I also have fun with it. The latest shoot I can’t wait to post – was me and another model, Sahra, wrestling the clothes off each other in Luchador masks. It was epic! I’ve also got another super secret project that in underway and should be released next month I hope!


Is there a group of photographers that you prefer to work with?

I, of course, always have my “go-to” guys; the ones that have had my back from the beginning; Greg Easton ( and Dastardly Dave ( They both see the potential and give it their all to help me make the shoots what I want them to be. I always enjoy working with Tiffany Ann ( and Dustin Genereux ( too.

Do you think that tattoos have helped or hindered your career and how?

I have only been turned down a handful of times because of my tattoos. Most of the time I am highly sought out because of them.

Tell me about your tattoos overall, what they mean to you, are they just for fun, inspiration, etc?

Let’s face it; the only reason why people get tattooed is because it looks cool. Some may say that theirs has this huge meaning… yea it might, but overall, it’s because it looks cool and makes you feel cool/sexy.

My tattoos are for the fun of it. I enjoy either shocking the heck out of people with them or making them giggle.

I have pretty much every conceivable “owie spot” there is tattooed.

And I have a smilie face tattooed on my thumb for when I give you the thumbs up and then I also have “boob bats” flying around my busty portrait of the Bride of Frankenstein… why? Because they make me giggle.

Do you have a favorite?  Or a least favorite?

My least favorite is covered, thank god. Young and stupid, we’ll keep it at that.

My favorite at the moment is my Bride of Frankenstein portrait and her surrounding Boob Bats. But it’s always a tie with my Cthulhu (as Ms. Behavin’).


Do you have an artist that you work with regularly or do you like to sample more than one artist/shop?

I have a set artist at the moment, my fiancé who owns and operates Marco’s Tattoo in southern Rhode Island.  I have been tattooed by others and there are some I would love to have a piece by of course. I still would love a piece done by Dug Landry at Hallowed Ground in Portland, ME.

Do you have any more artwork planned?

Always. Most of the time I have no idea what it will be. Most of my pieces are ones that my fiancé draws up for me that I fall in love with. I have only asked for 4 of them straight up. My bird on my forearm was actually for a client, and they turned it down for a more old school swallow… I snatched that one right up.

What’s your next big plan for model-land?

Well, New York seems to be calling pretty heavily at the moment. So does Philly. One of these days I’ll get to travel. But having 3 businesses and a family can make it tough. I’ll make it work one way or another.

Just gonna keep pluggin’ along. Doin’ my thing.

What is one thing that people would NEVER guess about you just by looking at you?

I am a jump rope champion.

What do you want people to know about models with tattoos or even women with tattoos?

I’m (we’re) still a lady. And you better treat me (us) like one.

>Links Jeselyn shared!

And most of all Aaron Marco at Marco’s Tattoo in Rhode Island for being my support and my partner through it all.


The Sak Yant answer

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Ok so I was getting a lot of questions from people about where to get a Sak Yant other than Thailand. I did a little research and I suspected the answer is as follows. If you want a Sak Yant but don’t want to travel check your local Buddhist Temple as explained by Ajarn Spence Littlewood here.

“I think that to ask at local temples is about all they can do yes. Sak Yant is not yet so far that it is available in the West, although i do foresee an eventual appearance of sak yant artists in the West as time passes. The problem is that in Asia there are enough devotees for an artist to get customers every day, whereas in the West i do not think that enough people would go for it to provide an artist with regular custom. Hopefully this will change.”

If you have any more questions you would like answered please feel free to contact me.

The 15th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Title: The 15th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo
Location: Detroit Marriott/ Renassance Center Detroit Michigan

Description: Eternal Tattoos Inc. “est. 1980″ & Route 66 Tattoos welcomes you to the 15th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo. Once again we have the biggest and best named tattoo artists attending and working the convention. You can see and view most of the attending artists work from our link of guest artist. If you would like to be tattooed at the convention by any of the attending artists please contact them from our guest artist list. Also know that all the artists are not booked for the weekend and most will be tattooing on a first come first served so please keep that in mind. If your new to the tattoo scene take your time and walk around and check out all the great work being done and note that all the artists have portfolios for you to view there work.

Click Here

Start Date: 2010-02-26
End Date: 2010-02-28

Parents Tattoo Kids with home made needle.

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

 Ha this is a good one. The mother sees nothing wrong with this. WOW, really first lets just go with the fact the kids are all underage have no idea what they really want and what the do want. Second you used the same “Home Made” Tattoo gun on the kids. This is crazy.

Here is my rant on this.

You take kids that are under age, and look to you for guidance and care and give them all Tattoos. Instead of telling your kids I think you should wait on something like this so you get something meaningful and worth getting she lets them get one. Second she don’t take them to a professional, she gives them the tattoo with a home-made gun. Both parties are at fault here. From the Video itself, it is unclear if the man is married to the woman or not,but I am not sure why they didn’t focus on the boyfriend. It could be because the female did the tattoos herself. The mother of the man in question reported them and I applaud her. Remember anyone can have a baby, but responsible people are called parents.

The kids range from 10 -17. Although a 17-year-old might be able to decide on a design, you should still take them to a professional. Personally I would still tell a 17-year-old to wait, check out some designs and then go to a professional. The lines on the lady’s Tattoos in my opinion are really not done all that well. Most people would see this type of flaw and really want to take a look at a true tattoo artist.

Now lets look at the health concerns. Looking at the video the set up looks pretty nasty to me. But on top of that she uses the same needle on all three kids. When done did you even bother to tell your kids how to take care of the new tattoo itself? Questions like this should be ask during the trial of both the man and woman.

So that is my rant, What do you think. My favorite part is when she said “I don’t think it’s that big of a deal” like getting a tattoo is an everyday thing.

Tattoo Inkspiration

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Please help me make this blog a success. I really want it to grow. If you have any Ink that has meaning to it or a story behind it let me know. I would love to tell your story for you. Or if you know any Tattoo Artist or parlor you would like to see featured contact me. You can do this by clicking the Contact me link on the left hand side.